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And have you lived in this world hard upon one hundred years, cook, and don't know yet how to cook a whale-steak?
Hold your hat in one hand, and clap t'other a'top of your heart, when I'm giving my orders, cook.
And now the old cook herself got on her legs, and went with the three servants in pursuit of the children.
said the Cook, "thou art no better than a thief, I wot.
Nay, good Cook, bear thou thyself more seemingly, or else I will come forth to thy dole.
The cook drew himself up in a smugly humble fashion, a deprecating smirk on his face.
The cook stuck his head out of the galley door and grinned encouragingly at me, at the same time jerking his thumb in the direction of the man who paced up and down by the hatchway.
He spoke in French that the cook might not understand the sinister portent of his words.
When the cook had recovered from her fright she lifted up the fish which had fallen into the ashes, but she found them as black as cinders, and not fit to serve up to the Sultan.
Alice glanced rather anxiously at the cook, to see if she meant to take the hint; but the cook was busily stirring the soup, and seemed not to be listening, so she went on again: `Twenty-four hours, I THINK; or is it twelve?
said the cook, who loved good fare as well as a good fight; and they both laid by their swords and fell to the food with hearty will.
Not the slightest change passed over the sinister tranquillity of the cook.
And so saying the Darning-needle raised herself up so proudly that she fell out of the dress, right into the sink which the cook was rinsing out.
When Mother Maudlin comes to thank Maid Marian for her present, she is told that no such present was ever intended, and so she in anger curses the cook, casting spells upon him:
I must rouse the cook," he said to himself, with a smile.