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convulse with (something)

To shake or seize with something (such as a physical display of emotion). The wife of the victim convulsed with sobs at his funeral. After being outside in the snow for so long, Cathy started convulsing with shivers.
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convulse someone with something

to cause someone to quake or jerk because of pain or emotion. (Can be physical or figurative; see examples.) He convulsed with abdominal pain from something he ate. The audience was convulsed with laughter.
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They had the radio on and were unaware that blue-eyed Shona was silently convulsing in the back.
Next a three-year-old boy, who was convulsing violently and fell unconscious, had to wait 1.
A PASSER-BY who selflessly stepped in to help a convulsing teenager has been nominated for a Gazette Community Champion award.
The former Rangers ace was left convulsing on the pitch but was released from hospital yesterday.
Seeing Arteta convulsing in the centre circle, his legs twitching uncontrollably as a concerned army of paramedics and players surrounded him, was utterly sickening.
Before you gag, it's only an automated model so as it lies on its back gasping for breath, convulsing and struggling to survive, it's only its battery that is at risk of pegging out.
They were on board the Queen of Scandinavia when Samuel started convulsing and an emergency message was sent to Yarmouth Coastguard to evacuate the boy from the ship.
He was found convulsing on the floor and taken to hospital but he died two days later.
The tabby cat was found convulsing in a garden in Willenhall, Coventry, while both of the hedgehogs were discovered with similar symptoms in Kenilworth.
The QI star said he broke four ribs while convulsing unconscious in a hotel room.
A GOOD Samaritan admits he was "terrified" when he came across a teenager convulsing in the street.
The victims, mostly labourers, started vomiting and convulsing with stomach pain on Sunday after drinking the liquor in slums around the city's Kidderpore port area along the river Ganges.
Convicted burglar Kevin Williams has given evidence to claim that Thomas Bowman had spoken of placing a damp cloth over her mouth and waiting until she started convulsing.
Remember everyone wondering if the 23-year-old would be able to walk down the street without convulsing, let alone ever throw a meaningful pitch in a major-league game again?
Keith began convulsing on the pitch and sparked scenes of panic as medics frantically attempted to stabilise him.