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convulse with (something)

To shake or seize with something (such as a physical display of emotion). The wife of the victim convulsed with sobs at his funeral. After being outside in the snow for so long, Cathy started convulsing with shivers.
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convulse someone with something

to cause someone to quake or jerk because of pain or emotion. (Can be physical or figurative; see examples.) He convulsed with abdominal pain from something he ate. The audience was convulsed with laughter.
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Amended slightly, this vivid phrase captures the convulsed propulsion of existence of a majority of North Americans, about many of whom it could fairly be said, "He (or she) lives like someone screaming.
As an extended prehistory of one of the uprisings that convulsed the Spanish Monarchy in the mid-seventeenth century, For the Common Good is inevitably reminiscent of Rosario Villari's classic La rivolta antispagnola a Napoli (Bari, 1967), though Corteguera shares neither Villari's somewhat schematic Marxism nor, regrettably, his broad historical vision or his success in explaining the origins of a significant revolt.
The Catholic Church convulsed, and riots took place in Europe's universities.
The entire world is being convulsed in a religious struggle," Robertson told one audience.
Her parents Stephen and Maureen had rushed her to hospital after finding her convulsed in the corner of her cot at their home in Hereford.
To put us into a position where the whole of government turns round, when we have parliamentary process that debates the European constitution, to have the whole of government convulsed for months over a referendum on the European constitution would not be a wise thing.
I temporarily lost consciousness, fell down and my entire body convulsed.
Indeed, the last chapter, 'Commemorating Peter 1725-2002' is worth the purchase price in itself as it shows how a country whose history has been so convulsed as has Russia's since Peter's death has coped with a man who did more than anyone else to create modem Russia.
It is 1966, you haven't even been born yet (I'm not bitter, just a little wistful), and Barney Frank is holding forth in the Winthrop House dining hall--he is a tutor, we are students--and we are alternately convulsed with laughter (no one is funnier) and challenged (no one is less tolerant of flawed logic).
Animals that did not convulse during the period of observation were considered not having convulsed.
Since 1998, however, a new conflict (again with Ethiopia) has convulsed the country, destabilising Eritrea's reconstruction.
Nigeria is convulsed by riots and massacres following attempts to impose Islamic "sharia" law.
Whether mapping his own rigorously ethical, saturnine mind, convulsed by coincidence, onto the landscape or weaving it into world history, he makes it clear that art and violence have long-standing, concrete affiliations.
The authors paint a sensitive and balanced portrait of a community convulsed, where the constraints of supplying a distant market are played out amidst an ambivalent population, with profound social and economic consequences.