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convince of (something)

To cause someone to believe that something is true. A noun or pronoun can be used between "convince" and "of." You have no experience in as a receptionist, so good luck convincing them of your qualifications for this job. You'll have a hard time convincing me of that.
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convince someone of something

to persuade someone that something is true. You will never convince me of what you say. I will probably convince myself of the need to find a better job.
See also: convince, of
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This argument is not convincible at a general scale since the regional systems often inspire each other as it was already emphasized.
Both parts need sufficient sample data to show convincible results.
It is convincible that some sort of colloquial use of linguistics items which function as back channel, are not used in formal setting.
Therefore, it is convincible that the fermentation process could be responsible for the growth performance in this study.
Right now, I'm skeptical but convincible on the validity of Titanoceratops.
The answers of the IHEC's chief Faraj al-Haydari during the investigation conducted in parliament on last Sunday were not convincible and he did not clarify preparations to end counterfeiting during next elections," he stressed.
He added "freedom of expression means to say or to criticize anything that goes wrongly, But you have to be able to provide the convincible causes for your censuring.
The perceptual segmentation of color natural images are better dealt with the Principles of Pattern Recognition (PR) and the algorithms of the Image Processing (IP) do not provide convincible solutions.