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convince of (something)

To cause someone to believe that something is true. A noun or pronoun can be used between "convince" and "of." You have no experience in as a receptionist, so good luck convincing them of your qualifications for this job. You'll have a hard time convincing me of that.
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convince someone of something

to persuade someone that something is true. You will never convince me of what you say. I will probably convince myself of the need to find a better job.
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(l) We see technology and techno science in particular, as having a powerful discursive convincement as strong as the one of modern science , establishing true "laic dogmas" even temporary ones.
Inspiration, convincement, and transformation-these are
her convincement, at the hands of an abusive husband, and she responds
neglect personal details at the time of convincement" (184), when
It is a synonym for God; it refers to the process of convincement -- being reached by the truth; and it is the way of life which springs from convincement -- walking in the truth.
He called on the political leaders to "give higher attention for Iraq's interests than selfish interests, because the people, from southern Iraq's Basra to northern Iraq's Mosul cities, have demanded the departure of the American forces from Iraq; that is why there must be a real convincement by those leaders towards the departure of the U.S.
"Our convincement that the shaking and unstable political situation, as well as the deteriorated relations among members of the political process, form a platform for criminal activity in general and terrorism in special..
Meanwhile, the Political Analyst, Issam al-Feily, said that the said UNSC resolutions "were taken after serious efforts by the Iraqi diplomacy and the convincement of the international community about the legitimacy of the Iraqi government that reflected a positive image, being a clear call for the world states to participate in Iraq's reconstruction, especially through the existance of huge investment opportunities in Iraq."