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convince of (something)

To cause someone to believe that something is true. A noun or pronoun can be used between "convince" and "of." You have no experience in as a receptionist, so good luck convincing them of your qualifications for this job. You'll have a hard time convincing me of that.
See also: convince, of

convince someone of something

to persuade someone that something is true. You will never convince me of what you say. I will probably convince myself of the need to find a better job.
See also: convince, of
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Convince Me allows users to create and evaluate representations of their own thinking.
Focusing on his collaboration with Feilden Clegg Bradley for their new National Trust Headquarters in Swindon, he discussed his latest theories: including a Personal Adjustment Graph--which plotted how dress should reduce from thick trousers and jumpers in the winter, to being naked with flip-flops in the summer, and his more plausible desire to convince the National Trust to accept ambient lighting levels as low as 250 lux.
Outside, he receives it in 30 to 45 days," says Simo, "The best practice is to convince the sales force because it is the only one that can change the client's behavior.
Of course, seeing the ground rush up on-screen helps convince you that you're headed for a total smash-up.
We are convinced ourselves, but we are one project away from having the data to convince everyone else.
Despite rising questions, can the ICC finally convince the BCCI?
But if we do have to convince the fans by putting in a great performance then that's what we need to do.
has attempted over these years to convince architects and building designers-many of whom live in the North - to consider using wood in their designing.
Dave Noble stood inside a nearby tent trying to convince a dozen young gay African-Americans that they are a powerful bloc who could make a noticeable impact in the 2004 presidential race.
Or were they aware of the thinness of the evidence but willing to use it deceitfully to convince the public--and perhaps the president himself--to support the invasion?
I wish I could convince people they don't need a base tan before a vacation," says Dr.
Yet these same professionals wonder: how can they convince their companies that they should regularly attend key industry shows?
Crammed with a wealth of information, extensive quotations and a lavish use of secondary sources, its fault is that too often the mass of data invoked to prop up a theory fails to convince, either because the visual evidence is simply not there, or because the theory simply stretches the limits of iconographic credibility and common sense.
First, he has to convince automakers and Tier 1 suppliers alike that new ideas can come from outside the automotive fraternity, never an easy job.