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convict of (something)

To be deem guilty of a crime. With all of the evidence against him, he'll surely be convicted of that crime.
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convict someone of something

to pronounce someone guilty of something. In the end, they convicted her of theft. The police wanted to convict Max of the crime.
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Three people in the Northumbria force area and six in Durham were convicted under Section 9 for failing to ensure an animal's welfare, such as by providing a suitable environment and diet.
The highest ranked officer to be convicted since 2012 was West Yorkshire's Det Chief Supt David Knopwood for drink driving, according to the figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.
In 2013 a male PC was convicted of drink-driving and a female Pc was convicted of assault, while in 2014 a male constable was convicted of a sexual offence and a male PCSO was convicted of speeding.
Michael Bourne, 34, of Batsford Road, Coundon, was convicted in his absence of failing to register a vehicle transfer.
Jay Anthony Attard, 20, of Harrison Drive, St Mellons, was convicted in his absence of exceeding a 30mph limit and fined pounds 60 with pounds 15 victim surcharge and given three penalty points.
Most of the convictions are for traffic offences such as speeding and drink-driving, but the records also include a South Yorkshire Police officer convicted of fishing without a licence.
In March 2004 he was convicted of stealing whiskey and brandy from Savercentre in Washington, Tyne & Wear.
Two drug traffickers from Helmand province were convicted of trafficking15.
Douglas Vinter, 39, occupies the latest place on the list after he was convicted of stabbing and strangling his wife three years after being released from jail for another murder.
Johnson was convicted in 1995 of attempted robbery in an Antelope Valley case.
A Chicago killer was nearly four times more likely to be convicted in 1895 than his counterpart a quarter century later.
In 2002, state courts convicted an estimated 1,051,000 adults of a felony, according to a report by BJS.
One said that those convicted of a felony could not vote for five years in Pennsylvania; the other implied that you did not need to be a U.
MICHAEL PAUL MAHONEY was convicted of selling methamphetamine in 1980 and served 22 months in a Texas prison.