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convict of (something)

To be deem guilty of a crime. With all of the evidence against him, he'll surely be convicted of that crime.
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convict someone of something

to pronounce someone guilty of something. In the end, they convicted her of theft. The police wanted to convict Max of the crime.
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West Yorkshire Police said from 2013 onwards, 10 police officers and one PCSO were convicted of criminal offences.
Alan Aso, 28, of Edmund Road, Foleshill, was convicted in his absence of failing to register a vehicle transfer.
Eamon Atkins, 50, of Albert Street, Riverside, Cardiff, was fined pounds 175 with pounds 60 costs and a pounds 15 victim surcharge after being convicted of using a TV without a licence.
For instance, he relates the story of Forfarshire forger James Anderson senior (1781-1857), a slater convicted of uttering a base coin in 1830.
In 1923 the superintendent of the chain gang in Twiggs County, was one of the petitioners for the release of Ed A, convicted of murder and sentenced to life in 1913.
The body of Actual Innocence, by way of the authors' Innocence Project, explores several cases involving people convicted of crimes that they did not commit.
Now only convicted felons must submit to DNA testing.
Though the convict who had no legal representation pleaded for the court's mercy, Magistrate Oloyade convicted him on one count charge of stealing and sentenced him to three years in jail with hard labour, submitting that Akanmu was not ready to turn over a new leaf.
While observing that technical flaws are inconsequential in cases related to terrorists, the court subsequently upheld the 14-year prison sentence for the convicted militants.
The convicted terrorists included Mohammad Qasim Toori, Abid Ali, Mohammad Danish, Syed Jahangir Haider, Zeeshan, Mutahar Khan, and Rehmanud Din.
Sadej Ahmadi, 37, of Wood Hill Rise, Holbrooks, was convicted in his absence of failing to notify the DVLA of a vehicle transfer.
The following people were dealt with at Cardiff Magistrates' Court for using a television without a licence: Lorraine Davies, 44, of Sweldon Close, Ely, Cardiff, was fined pounds 100 with pounds 60 court costs after she was convicted in her absence.
[2] While California has had sex registration laws in effect since the 1940s and, as a result, has documented over 84,000 convicted sex offenders, the act elevated the penalty for failing to register as a sex offender to a felony, making punishment for this crime more severe.
The standard example is that you don't have to offer a convicted embezzler a job as your bookkeeper.
They feared that convicted women would "not hesitate to commit one crime to escape the penalty attached to the commission of another" by becoming pregnant for the sole purpose of escaping their prison sentence.(39) This fear was voiced repeatedly and haunted the commissioners in their efforts to resolve the problem.