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convict of (something)

To be deem guilty of a crime. With all of the evidence against him, he'll surely be convicted of that crime.
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convict someone of something

to pronounce someone guilty of something. In the end, they convicted her of theft. The police wanted to convict Max of the crime.
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References in classic literature ?
The boat had returned, and his guard were ready, so we followed him to the landing-place made of rough stakes and stones, and saw him put into the boat, which was rowed by a crew of convicts like himself.
He will be rather impatient to get back to his champagne, from which he ran away in such a hurry, when the convict with the gun hove in sight.
Under the pink slip Mr Usher found a strip of a later paper, headed, "Astounding Escape of Millionaire's Daughter with Convict.
The Police Prosecutor, Inspector Fagboyinbo Abiodun informed the court that the convict an indigene of Ede committed the offence on the 10th of March 2018 around 11.
The bench during the hearing observed that the petition had been filed well before time as the convict had yet not exhausted all three forums of appeal against his conviction.
Both convicts were members of a proscribed organization.
The convict also abetted other terrorists in slaughtering of civilian Said Raheem as well as assistant sub-inspector Irshad Ali, head constables Sarwar Ali Khan and head constable Sher Ahmed of police.
Qari Zubair Muhammad S/O Sakhi Muhammad, the convict was an active member of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.
Another convict Ishaq S/O Abdul Hai was involved in attacking Armed Forces of Pakistan and Law Enforcement Agency which resulted in death of a Junior Commissioned Officer and injuries to a police constable.
The juvenile convict has already walked free after serving three years at a juvenile home while another accused -- Mukesh's brother Ram Singh -- committed suicide inside Tihar Jail.
Keywords: convict, historical archaeology, urban archaeology, emancipist, convict industry
It therefore seems strange that in the twentieth century the contribution of labour history to the study of convict Australia was slow and subdued.
A convict tried to take drugs into the prison after being transported from the prison to court," said the Central Prison's deputy director, George Tryfonides.
In March of 2009, the panel court sent to death Bassam Al-Haidari, the main convict in the case, five years in jail against second convict Ali Mahfal and three years against third convict Emad al-Raimi.
These provoking ideas lie at the heart of this book about convict Australia.