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convey something (from someone or something) (to someone or something)

to carry or transport something from someone or something to someone, something, or some place. I conveyed the box from the table to the basement. Please convey every good wish from those of us in the Midwest to those on the East Coast. Would you convey my blessings to the newlyweds?

Give my best to someone

 and All the best to someone.
Please convey my good wishes to a particular person. (The someone can be a person's name or a pronoun. See also Say hello to someone (for me).) Alice: Good-bye, Fred. Give my best to your mother. Fred: Sure, Alice. Good-bye. Tom: See you, Bob. Bob: Give my best to Jane. Tom: I sure will. Bye. Bill: Bye, Rachel. All the best to your family. Rachel: Thanks. Bye.
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The automated facility will have the capacity to sort conveyable shipments to a peak capacity of up to 20,000 parcels and 20,000 documents per hour.
Product characteristics are not limited to physical characteristics expressed by such terms as conveyable, non-conveyable, hazardous, full case, and piece-pick.
Feed sizes up to a maximum of 2,000 x 1,500 x 1,200 mm can be crushed to a conveyable size of 250/300 mm.
A determination must be made as to what constitutes conveyable condition.
Bagged items or certain liquids in containers that could break and spill are not conveyable.
Made from 100 percent recycled paperboard produced in Sonoco's paper mills, ReadyGrow biodegradable planters are conveyable and sustainable in a commercial greenhouse environment and biodegrade in soil within 180 days of planting.
per hour, respectively, at maximum rpm, assuring a 100% efficient conveyable product and no slippage.
The horizontal storage system transfers and stages conveyable product via bi-directional transfer from a conveyor line to and from storage at a rate of 664 totes per hour.
per hour, respectively, at maximum rpm, assuming a 100% efficient conveyable product and no slippage.
The facility has the capacity to handle 30 million conveyable cases annually through an extensive cross dock infrastructure.
Most conveyable products can be handled, including bottles, cans, pails, bags, totes, containers and wrapped or unwrapped items.
The containers also provide four-way forklift access and are available with either a conveyable two-way or four-way forklift-entry base.
Said to be ideal for moving almost any conveyable solid product, including pellets, powders and particulates, the company's solids handling eductors also handle a wide range of materials that typically cause problems in mechanical feed devices, according to the literature.