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convert from (something)

1. To leave one religion in order to follow another. I converted from Catholicism to Judaism in preparation for my wedding.
2. To change or shift from one thing into another. Did she really convert from that shy kid into a punk rock singer?
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convert from something (into something)

 and convert (from something) (in)to something
to change from one thing into another. We converted from oil to natural gas to heat our house. I had hoped he would convert from an impatient youth into a relaxed gentleman. He did not.
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When his case occurred, for 15 days all the newspapers of Italy and Europe and the world talked about the problem of apostasy and the death penalty that Islam provides for those who convert to another religion.
This fact is important not only for Muslims who convert to Christianity but because, in the last 30 years, apostasy has become the main instrument to eliminate political adversaries.
It is legitimate that the Muslim communities present in our country request protection of their religious rights but, precisely because of this, they must recognize the same right to those who freely wish to convert to another religion.
For some who convert to Catholicism, the church's teachings on issues such as abortion and homosexuality are exactly what they're looking for.
If the MTA has to convert to clean diesel to get service out in the street, that option is far better than having people stranded.