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convert from (something)

1. To leave one religion in order to follow another. I converted from Catholicism to Judaism in preparation for my wedding.
2. To change or shift from one thing into another. Did she really convert from that shy kid into a punk rock singer?
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convert from something (into something)

 and convert (from something) (in)to something
to change from one thing into another. We converted from oil to natural gas to heat our house. I had hoped he would convert from an impatient youth into a relaxed gentleman. He did not.
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The general conclusion, then, is that it is wise to wait until 2010 to convert to a Roth IRA if tax rates remain unchanged.
Webb was not the first North American convert to Islam, nor can any Muslim community trace its inception to his efforts.
For some who convert to Catholicism, the church's teachings on issues such as abortion and homosexuality are exactly what they're looking for.
When his case occurred, for 15 days all the newspapers of Italy and Europe and the world talked about the problem of apostasy and the death penalty that Islam provides for those who convert to another religion.
For this reason, whereas we see hundreds of Christian converts to Islam (especially Christian women married to Muslim husbands), we almost never witness a Muslim convert to Christianity, unless in secret.
"I've been reluctant to convert to a Roth IRA because of the immediate tax obligation," says Linda McCurry, 46, a database administrator in Kansas City, Missouri.
T believed that he was eligible to convert to a Roth IRA because his 1998 modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) was less than $100,000.
Both required the potential convert to follow Nobili in utilizing his reason and then take a leap of faith to reach Christian liberation and salvation.
Now if you want to take your client's table and convert it to straight text, all you do is highlight the entire table or the part you want to convert to text and go up to the Toolbar and click on Table, Convert Table to Text.
For the first time, users of Microsoft Excel on the desktop will be able to e-mail Excel attachments to Palm users with Quicksheet installed - and the files will seamlessly convert to Quicksheet format during synchronization.
Orthodox Jews did convert to Christianity, albeit in smaller numbers.
Although circumstances differ from country to country, many non-Muslim partners typically convert to Islam to receive approval from their in-laws.
"Having death sentences passed on people who convert to Christianity is not acceptable in the 21st century, particularly not by a country which has been liberated by soldiers of the United States and NATO countries, most of whom are Christian," remarked Representative Tom Lantos of California (, March 26).
meter bills reveals that many buildings should convert to meter billing for substantial savings on their water bills.
Care needs to be exercised when owners of a C corporation want to convert to S status, as there are restrictions on the eligibility of S owners.