convert from

convert from (something)

1. To leave one religion in order to follow another. I converted from Catholicism to Judaism in preparation for my wedding.
2. To change or shift from one thing into another. Did she really convert from that shy kid into a punk rock singer?
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convert from something (into something)

 and convert (from something) (in)to something
to change from one thing into another. We converted from oil to natural gas to heat our house. I had hoped he would convert from an impatient youth into a relaxed gentleman. He did not.
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For instance, Neil (Ibrahim) Golightly, a 34-year-old convert from Glasgow, was killed while trying to bring food and supplies to besieged Sarajevo in August 1995.
It is not right that a convert from Islam must live clandestinely, go to a church that is 30 kilometers from his home because he is afraid that the Muslim community will punish him.
For a Muslim to become a Christian--to convert from a "superior" to an "inferior" religion--is strictly forbidden, makes no religious sense whatever, and is punishable by death or banishment.
I'll answer your question about the Tab key and show you how to get around the problem, but I suspect you'd feel more comfortable not working in a table at all; so I'll also tell you how to convert from table data to text and vice-versa.
Under the conversion plan, S will convert from a mutual association to a stock company and all of its newly issued shares will be simultaneously purchased by P (a newly formed holding company) using a portion of the initial stock offering proceeds raised by P from its shareholders.
Saint Edith Stein, a convert from Judaism, was not canonized because of her conversion to Catholicism, but rather for her heroic actions as a Catholic Carmelite nun.