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converse with (someone or something)

To talk to someone or something. I can't give you an answer until I converse with Carol about this issue—is she in the office today? I wouldn't cross a woman who converses with the spirits—who knows what kinds of punishments she can call down on us!
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converse with someone (about someone or something)

 and converse (with someone) about someone or something
to talk about someone or something. Please converse with Ted about that. I need to converse about last night with you. The principal needs to converse with you.
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So I began to visit each Interchange group during peer reviews or other activities and briefly converse with students, especially trying to engage those students who displayed resistance or an apprehension about conversing online.
One wonders: Can two countries make war when their soldiers have spent their adolescence conversing with one another on-line?
It is our feeling that family, friends, physicians, nurses, aides, orderlies, volunteers, and staff members of long-term care facilities can learn some strategies to make conversing with Alzheimer's patients more effective, efficient and, hopefully, less frustrating.
As with IM, users can use `presence-awareness' to detect which others on their buddy list are available, initiate a multi-person meeting on-the-fly, and instantly begin conversing in the rapid-fire dialog that's made IM so popular.
The player will also enable the user to command embedded functionality that will emulate conversing with the actors in the movie, thereby creating a "truly" interactive experience for the users.
In addition to collaborative computing, in which participants share data while conversing, DSVD applications extend to such business uses as integrated voice/electronic mail and remote technical support.