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converse with (someone or something)

To talk to someone or something. I can't give you an answer until I converse with Carol about this issue—is she in the office today? I wouldn't cross a woman who converses with the spirits—who knows what kinds of punishments she can call down on us!
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converse with someone (about someone or something)

 and converse (with someone) about someone or something
to talk about someone or something. Please converse with Ted about that. I need to converse about last night with you. The principal needs to converse with you.
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Mr Horry said: "This significant refinancing package will support the continued development of Converse Pharma Group and enable us to continue to go from strength to strength.
At the time of the disagreement the admin member stated that asking members to converse solely in English "shouldn't have to be in the rules" but a rule has since appeared on the group which states: "This is a UK site.
Converse plans to begin with two cohorts of 20 students this fall one group at the Converse campus in Spartanburg and one at the University Center of Greenville.
Highlights from the Hello Kitty x Converse apparel collection include the white and red short-sleeved Football Tee with the Hello Kitty Converse graphics on the left chest and red bow on the sleeve; the black Pullover Hoodie with Hello Kitty chenille patch resting on top of a kanga pocket, an oversized bow on the hood and Hello Kitty printed down the sleeve.
"I was skeptical because of what had happened before but then a year later Adio was doing bad so I was, like, "Okay, what am I doing here?" Steve Luther who was doing Converse at the time was hitting me up.
Being able to converse with your players in their mother tongue has to be useful.
The store is the first flagship shop to open in Dubai under the Sun and Sand Sports portfolio of premium sportswear brands and is linked to the agreement that establishes Sun and Sand Sports as the distribution and retail partner for Converse in the region.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 17, 2018-Smartsheet Acquires UK Workflow Orchestration Specialist Converse.AI
Armenia-based Converse Bank has said that it has introduced mobile services.
But until we get there, we have a new app from iTranslate called Converse, that will likely do away with the need for phrase books, digital or otherwise.
The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, a 48 year-old non-profit, 501(c)3 substance abuse prevention and education agency that develops programs and materials based on research on drug use and its impact on community, has named Steven Converse and Dr Karen Kuehn Howell as its directors, it was reported yesterday.
As far as American shoe brands go, Converse holds a special place in the hearts and closets of lesbians, with many of us possessing a cherished pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers or two.
SAVE: PS25 BOY: Converse Star Player Junior, JD Sports, were PS28, now PS20.
Chad Converse, a manager at Sprague's Sports in Yuma, Ariz., provided some unique insights on how his store has expanded sales in optics.
He is accused of killing 54-year-old Vera June Converse of Albany.