converge (up)on (someone or something)

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converge (up)on (someone or something)

1. To gather near something or someone as a destination, point of interest, or target of confrontation. Protestors converged on the senator, demanding his resignation over the scandal. Officials expect thousands of festivalgoers to converge on the rural fairgrounds.
2. To come together and merge at a focal point. In my nightmare, the shadows all converged upon themselves to form some horrific, singular entity.
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converge (up)on someone or something

1. Lit. to gather near or around someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Everyone converged on the wounded sailor. The shoppers converged on the store as it opened for the big sale.
2. Fig. to meet on someone or something; to grow together so as to focus on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Even political enemies converged on the matter of simplifying the tax code. Our discussions converged on Eric.
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converge on

1. To come together from various places and assemble somewhere for a common purpose: Protesters converged on the park for a peace rally.
2. To attack someone or something from all sides: The police converged on the suspect.
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He is careful to repeat that he does not aim to "prove" anything (or even less to reach a "total and culminating truth") but just "converge upon a proof" (pp.
Every April, slammers converge upon Chicago for the annual Slam Masters Weekend, where organizers and poets meet to plan for the upcoming national, regional, local slams and other events.
BURKE: At last, you converge upon the position I have long thought you have occupied.
"Beloved, ask not for the love we once shared: Mujh se pehli si muhabbat mere mehbub naa maang." Even as these brave new adventurers walk the paths upon water to converge upon their adoptive nation, all is not lost, and they discover that their strands have remained "smooth, elusive, separate" with the scent of coriander, cumin and turmeric, in the spaghetti bowl that is America.
In time I also brought my twin boys, starting at age two, with their boards-- real set-ups, not toy store junk--to let them roll around and have fun, again having the spot to ourselves with the exception of the local church-goers who would all converge upon the parking lot across the street and march into the huge building up the hill.
"My paten and my chalice are the depths of a soul laid widely open to all the forces which in a moment will rise up from every corner of the earth and converge upon the Spirit.
The strength of many books is also their weakness--and so it is with Debra Walker King's eclectic collection of essays, assembled in order "to demonstrate how the boundaries of difference and the limits of universality converge upon women's bodies." The "ultimate goal" of the collection, King states, "is to suggest, through [the book's] structure and dialogues, the need for women's cross-cultural and cross-racial alliance building." Regrettably, the structure King has chosen for this collection--primarily that of juxtaposition, with an introduction and afterword serving as bookends--does not work particularly well to further the dialogue among the essayists.
Their policies now converge upon the same beliefs which underlie our vision of a truly socially and economically inclusive society.
Love marked by joy and substitutionary responsibility is, of course, deeply eucharistic, and it comes as no surprise that F.'s reflections converge upon worship of God "as the celebratory ecology in which this love flourishes" (99).
Having been delayed far more than necessary by Eugene's high-minded reluctance to "betray" the despicable Luther, pic's strands come together when Eugene, Clarence and the hitherto unpaid robbery team all converge upon Luther's hideout, but they quickly become unglued in a bloodbath that ridiculously sees more than one villain superhumanly rise from the dead after having been riddled with bullets.
From July 7 to 11, as many as 8,000 journalists and students--nonwhite and white--are expected to converge upon a Seattle convention center for the 300-plus-booth job fair and 140plus workshops organized by UNITY.
His later work frequently invokes "modernization theory," a rather loose claim that all social systems are destined to converge upon the causally interconnected patterns of values, behaviors, and institutions he calls "modern."
The draft Recommendation to the Council of Ministers also says the planned unsteady pace of reduction would mean that not before 2001 will the deficit converge upon the stability and growth pact objective.
Salecker's narrative proceeds systematically through the story's components, so that by the middle of the book the different threads converge upon the catastrophe.