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the received wisdom

Common knowledge that is held to be true, but may not be. The received wisdom says to feed a cold and starve a fever, but that doesn't reflect current medical practice.
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the conventional wisdom

Common knowledge that is held to be true, but may not be. The conventional wisdom says to feed a cold and starve a fever, but that doesn't reflect current medical practice.
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conventional wisdom

A widely held belief on which most people act. For example, According to conventional wisdom, an incumbent nearly always wins more votes than a new candidate . This term was invented by John Kenneth Galbraith, who used it in The Affluent Society (1958) to describe economic ideas that are familiar, predictable, and therefore accepted by the general public. Today it is used in any context where public opinion has considerable influence on the course of events.
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conventional/received ˈwisdom

the view or belief that most people have: Conventional wisdom has it that riots only ever happen in big cities.The term conventional wisdom was first used by the economist John Kenneth Galbraith in his book The Affluent Society.

conventional wisdom, the

What the majority believe and act upon. The term was coined by the American economist John Kenneth Galbraith in The Affluent Society (1958), in which he so described economic views that are familiar, predictable, and therefore generally accepted. It was soon transferred to other areas in which public opinion plays an important role in influencing events. It has just about replaced the now virtually obsolete cliché, climate of opinion.
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I would advise people to stick to organic and conventionally grown fruits," said Nadine.
Uniformity, balance and conicity of tires made with silica masterbatch were monitored over a production period of several months and were equivalent to the results from conventionally mixed stocks.
The Enterobacteriaceae counts for organic and conventionally grown carrots were 6.
It's OK to eat conventionally grown varieties of these foods.
There is no evidence to support the selection of organically produced foods over conventionally on the basis of nutritional superiority.
During the review, a total of 162 relevant studies were compared for nutrient content of organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs.
Cordero uses this method to determine that conventionally raised beef, which produces 1,431 grams of carbon dioxide, ranks as one of the least energy-efficient foods, and conventionally grown soybeans, which produce seven grams of C[O.
Several recent studies also suggest that organically grown foods have a higher level of some key nutrients than do conventionally grown foods.
Two separate blocks, one conventionally orthogonal and the other cranked into an aerodynamic prow, are linked and penetrated by internal bridges and routes that break up floorplates into a series of corporate communities.
The ASA's ruling noted that the group "did not show organically-produced food conveyed noticeable health benefits over and above the same food when conventionally produced or that a diet of organic food could guarantee no harmful effects.
But I think Klein ignores one important reason for not wanting appointed House members because he is thinking too conventionally.
Gaiter adds: "We discerned no overall difference in price and quality from conventionally made wines.
Further, it can conduct synthetic reactions at -30 degrees centigrade; conventionally -70 degrees centigrade was required.
PMA speak out against 'organics hype': The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) has attacked what it views as the media bias towards organic produce, dismissing suggestions that the consumption of conventionally grown fresh produce may be detrimental to your health.