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the conventional wisdom

Common knowledge that is held to be true, but may not be. The conventional wisdom says to feed a cold and starve a fever, but that doesn't reflect current medical practice.
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the received wisdom

Common knowledge that is held to be true, but may not be. The received wisdom says to feed a cold and starve a fever, but that doesn't reflect current medical practice.
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conventional wisdom

A widely held belief on which most people act. For example, According to conventional wisdom, an incumbent nearly always wins more votes than a new candidate . This term was invented by John Kenneth Galbraith, who used it in The Affluent Society (1958) to describe economic ideas that are familiar, predictable, and therefore accepted by the general public. Today it is used in any context where public opinion has considerable influence on the course of events.
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conventional/received ˈwisdom

the view or belief that most people have: Conventional wisdom has it that riots only ever happen in big cities.The term conventional wisdom was first used by the economist John Kenneth Galbraith in his book The Affluent Society.
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conventional wisdom, the

What the majority believe and act upon. The term was coined by the American economist John Kenneth Galbraith in The Affluent Society (1958), in which he so described economic views that are familiar, predictable, and therefore generally accepted. It was soon transferred to other areas in which public opinion plays an important role in influencing events. It has just about replaced the now virtually obsolete cliché, climate of opinion.
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The core capital and reserves of conventional banks stood at RO5 billion as at the end of January 2019.
16 you state, "Since WWII, the nature of conventional war has not changed and there is no reason to expect a change." Does the idea of war being characterized by clashing mass armies remain true?
For example, auto financing, which has always been an Islamic dominant product, saw further increase in market share from 57 to 59 per cent for Islamic banks and conventional has fallen from 45 to 38 per cent.
Qatari Islamic banks' capital ratios are slightly better than conventional peers' and have typically been more stable.
Bankers need to know just how many customers would shift from Islamic to conventional banks for a given change in interest rates (price elasticity).
Soils under OA capture and store more water than soils under conventional cultivation (Poudel et al., 2002;Muller, 2009).
Three calibrated evaluators (an undergraduate dental student, a general dental practitioner, and an endodontist) compared the digital images created from the X-ray reader with the conventional films.
Ruff and Malik [2] Investigated and evaluated the profitability and return on deposits of both the Islamic and conventional banks.
During 2007 and 2008, organic and conventional soybean yields were similar, but 2006 organic soybean yields were 90 percent lower than conventional yields.
Conventional ethical funds came in a fraction cheaper, but still more costly than conventional debt and asset allocation funds.
By contrast, shale accumulations in countries which are net importers and/or have few conventional supplies of their own look set to be developed much more quickly.
The second quarter 2011 ranking consists of 16 conventional and six Islamic categories, a total of 22, an increase from the previous quarter's 21 categories.
The global financial crisis has seen both market values and profitability of Islamic banks coming under pressure, narrowing the gap with their conventional counterparts.
As part of this renewed interest in deterrence, conventional weapons are playing an important role.
Walking and especially running with a conventional backpack put strain on joints and muscles because, with each footfall, the wearer must reverse the downward momentum of both body and load.
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