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convalesce from (something)

To recover or heal from something, such as an injury or illness. I needed a week off to convalesce from the flu. How long does the doctor think you'll need to convalesce from this procedure?
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convalesce from something

to recuperate from a disease, operation, or injury. I spent three weeks in bed convalescing from the flu. Donna needed some time to convalesce from her surgery.
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The only statement issued by the hospital in Geneva said: "His highness is off to Spain to spend time convalescing.
The South Tyneside Assessment and Resource Centre (Star) in Hebburn will provide assessment and equipment for elderly and disabled patients who are convalescing.
SOPHIE, Countess of Wessex, was convalescing at home last night after leaving hospital.
He is going to stay in Northern Ireland for a couple of weeks convalescing.
Mr Robinson (Lab Coventry North West) is expected to stay in hospital for another week before spending a few weeks convalescing.
As I am still convalescing after a recent heart attack,I find this is my only way of redress.
After spending some time convalescing with his parents in Italy, the former champion jockey today rode work on the Newmarket gallops for his bosses Godolphin.
The 84-year-old pontiff, who is convalescing after throat surgery, made a similar appearance last week.
Sir Jimmy, 79, who was given his honour by the Prince Of Wales last week, will be off air for the next few weeks convalescing.
Dion, who has taken two years out from her music career in the hope of having a family, is expected to be convalescing for two weeks, reports French-Canadian newspaper Le Journal de Montreal.
Fish, who is convalescing from knee surgery said: "I hope to be fit soon and I hope to be picked for the team.
Mrs Cleaver has recently undergone a hip operation and is convalescing.