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convalesce from (something)

To recover or heal from something, such as an injury or illness. I needed a week off to convalesce from the flu. How long does the doctor think you'll need to convalesce from this procedure?
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convalesce from something

to recuperate from a disease, operation, or injury. I spent three weeks in bed convalescing from the flu. Donna needed some time to convalesce from her surgery.
See also: convalesce
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convalesce will take place in the period from january to april 2016.
The night before my transfer to Moseley Hall to convalesce, the night sister woke me - she had smuggled my parents in for just a few precious minutes.
JIMMY FORTUNE could hardly have picked a better place to convalesce from his recent back operation than his father-in-law's house in the super-smart Cape Town suburb of Constantia.
Her Maj looked less like she was off to convalesce at Buck House than she was off to attend a meeting of the Martina Navratilova fan club.
He will then convalesce at his home in Lower Hillhead, Lerwick, cared for by his wife Lynda, who is a trained nurse.
Contract notice: Convalesce elementary school children in the city district of poruba 2015 - ii.