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** A decade before this speech of Everhard's, the New York Board of Trade issued a report from which the following is quoted: "The railroads control absolutely the legislatures of a majority of the states of the Union; they make and unmake United States Senators, congressmen, and governors, and are practically dictators of the governmental policy of the United States."
What do they own or, through dominant ownership, control to-day?
The man sprang to the control and let the craft drop quickly toward the ground where followed the banths, still hot for their prey.
Returning to the question of being feared or loved, I come to the conclusion that, men loving according to their own will and fearing according to that of the prince, a wise prince should establish himself on that which is in his own control and not in that of others; he must endeavour only to avoid hatred, as is noted.
Tarzan realized that only through a miracle of chance could they reach Usanga and effect the change in pilots and yet he knew that that chance must be taken, for in the brief moments since he had first seen the plane, he had realized that the black was almost without experience as a pilot and that death surely awaited them in any event should the black sergeant remain at the control.
The first intimation Usanga had that all was not well with him was when the girl slipped suddenly to his side and grasped the control and at the same instant steel-like fingers seized his throat.
To ensure the best possible repeatability from any process related equipment, scales, mixer, mills, etc., computer and/or PLC controls are essential.
* The latest fashion in machine controls is to network temperature and pressure sensors with fieldbus protocols for faster, more accurate data acquisition, built-in sensor diagnostics, and better machine uptime.
* Since the advent of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, companies no longer can rely on their external auditor as an internal control. They must report most errors the auditor finds as material misstatements and material weaknesses unless they can prove their own controls would have found the error.
A case-control study during an outbreak of Salmonella Mbandaka in 1996 employed CATI to interview 15 case-patients and 45 controls; contaminated peanut butter was implicated (2).
The Act, which, among other things requires firms and their auditors to attest to the effectiveness of controls over financial reporting, offers tangible benefits to every real estate investment constituent including the advisor, financer, investor, lessor, lessee, transaction processor and acquirer among others.
* Key Controls. In order for management to assert that it has effective internal control over financial reporting, it must first identify its significant sources of revenues and significant expenses, and then document its controls over these accounts.
The control software, almost 20 years old, lacked the sophisticated controls of today's finely-tuned systems.
The most commonly used framework for evaluating financial reporting internal controls is COSO's Internal Control-Integrated Framework, which established a broad definition of internal control extending to all objectives of an organization.
However, there is a downside to publicly issuing certifications by management on the design and effectiveness of controls if a sound process has not been followed by management in its assessment of the adequacy of the control structure for financial reporting and compliance.
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