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The torque is equal to the system pressure, which easily can be monitored and controlled. See also the explanation of maximum rotor control.
In other words, where there is an express or implied agreement, or an understanding in connection with or following a spin-off distribution, between (1) the distributing or controlled corporations and (2) an acquiring corporation, a plan should be presumed to exist.
368(a)(2)(H)(ii) and instead provided that, in determining whether a transaction qualified as a divisive D reorganization, the fact that the shareholders of Distributing dispose of all or part of the Controlled stock is not taken into account.
Standard features: All major movements controlled by AC servomotors and ballscrews while offering space-saving benefits of two-platen clamping mechanism.
For purposes of this section other than paragraph (e) and for purposes of section 225.173(d), a financial holding company includes a depository institution controlled by the financial holding company and a subsidiary of such a depository institution.
TB was controlled in hospitals by implementing numerous control measures within a few months, in addition to improving staff awareness and concern (5,15).
Additionally, the machine incorporates the Accu-Wind computer control system to manage all the machine functions and winding patterns into a closely supervised and controlled system.
1 Identify the appropriate parameter(s) for monitoring - If direct measurement of the controlled pollutant is not required, evaluate a means for monitoring control equipment operations to demonstrate compliance.
355 will apply as long as at least 80% of the voting power and at least 80% of the total number of all other shares in Controlled are transferred upward.
* The acquisition of stock in the controlled corporation by the distributing corporation;
* Accounting professionals were calling for increased auditor involvement in internal controls to provide both "early warning" of potential problems and, among other things, assurance an entity is well controlled.
The rules governing rent increases are hopelessly complex in application but simple in principle: rent increases are controlled by the state, not the market.
CSS modules provide same features along with built-in ammeter, and in conjunction with CIM module, the ability to be remotely controlled and monitored from a PC.
Adult mosquitoes are easily controlled with insecticides applied at extremely low rates.
The May 1996 final regulations made technical changes to the controlled participant qualification requirements contained in the December 1995 final regulations.
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