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Fuel consumption was measured using a volumetric flow meter located on the dynamometer car coupled to the tractor, which function was to impose on the drawbar load levels controllably dosed and allocate the instrumental measurement.
Microcapsules are promising candidates for encapsulating, delivering, and controllably releasing many technologically important actives, including agricultural chemicals, food additives, and pharmaceuticals [16].
On an application note, the higher melting temperature could be a significant advantage for therapeutic applications where local heating of the NPs would controllably release NPs and/or their payload.
Thus, growth factors that were absorbed in the hydrogel system and not controllably released into the environment were calculated.
The resulting network of vasculature contained within these deep tissues enables fluids, nutrients and cell growth factors to be controllably perfused uniformly throughout the tissue.
So, engineers build testbenches to allow them to apply full-scale loads to wind turbine components controllably and repeatedly.
Try giving it too much on the way in, and it'll wash wide predictably and controllably. It takes a lot to ask questions the e-diff can't answer, though.
The PET foam with diameter between 15 and 37 [micro]m, the cell density between 6.2 X [10.sup.8] and 1.6 X [10.sup.9] cells/[cm.sup.3], and the expansion ratio between 10 and 50 times were controllably produced.
These oil-containing particles demonstrate the ability to adsorb and controllably release oils, suggesting a range of potential applications including cosmetic and fragrance utility.
Control of the solder volume needs to be such that a very small volume of solder paste needs to be placed consistently and controllably on very small pads.
These products use a spraying mechanism that controllably delivers microfine zinc oxide, miconazole nitrate and bacitracin to the skin, allowing quick and touchless application that helps avoid pain on fragile skin and limits product waste.
Maybe not far or for long, and at an accelerated descent rate, but controllably and predictably.
We heard about how to use formal ontologies to validate game implementations, and saw the use of grammars and other structural constraints for controllably shaping the space of a map generator's output.
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