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Taking into account that the existing designs of controllable constant power generators are designed mostly in BiCMOS and bipolar technologies and that CMOS technology is the most popular and the cheapest technology so far, the goal of this work is the design of fully integrated controllable constant power generator in a pure CMOS technology.
While the previous Kalman controllability index is qualitative, only defining whether or not a system is controllable, the one in our paper is quantitative.
This property makes the MR fluids functional for the employment in controllable devices [7].
Active elements with controllable current gain (B) [19,20] and controllable intrinsic resistance of the current input terminal (Rx) [21] came after short time.
However, the arbitration panel also agreed certain controllable cost adjustments are to be made in Jazz's favour.
That selective inputs and outputs had formed in regard to non-controllable and controllable factors.
The Kazakh veterinary service prohibited import of all controllable goods from the enterprises of Kyrgyzstan which produce, process and store controllable goods delivered to the Customs Union member states.
International Resource News-January 10, 2012--Engineered Machined Products Inc to launch fully controllable electric oil pump(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing -
Regulated controllable costs 15% below actual controllable expenses in 2010
According to Bloomberg, Liu Mingkang, former head of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, said that the risks associated with Chinese banks' property loans were 'totally controllable.'
NSAR-800 is also equipped with built-in and software controllable digital dry-contact relay channels, capable of controlling other peripherals such as gates, sirens, garage doors, etc.
China said that risks from its local government borrowings were "controllable," amid fears that bad loans could derail the world's second-largest economy.
It will manufacture controllable pitch propellers with a specialised in-house bronze casting supply from Wartsila CME foundry.
The three longest papers in this collection investigate the magnetic pulsed compaction of nanosized powders, phase selective and morphology controllable synthesis of titania nanocrystals, and nanoparticle synthesis by thermal plasmas.