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The only relevant study (Hu & Gan, 2011) demonstrated that a proactive coping style is positively correlated with a stronger challenge appraisal toward a job-search stressor; however, they did not examine the association between proactive coping and the controllability appraisals of the stressor.
The E34 is a new generation 3.4t conventional model offering high stability coupled with performance and enhanced controllability. It features a roomy premium cab with optional powerful air conditioning to ensure an ideal operator environment in all weather conditions.
In the current paper, we will try to explore the possible ways to quantitatively measure the extent of controllability of any given network.
Next, based on the Lyapunov function techniques, Phat [3] investigated that the null controllability guaranteed the output feedback stabilization for the nonautonomous systems.
Since late 1980s controllability and reachability of both discrete and continuous positive linear systems have been a subject of much research [12-19].
In Section 3, a brief explanation of local controllability is presented and the proposed technique is applied to control the chaotic Roossler, predator-prey, and Rossler hyperchaos systems with simulations.
This proposed method is developed from the energy approach based on the controllability Gramian matrix of the linearized system.
On one hand, the comprehensive utilization of controllability and observability matrices has been considered to improve direction abilities.
The purpose of this work was to compare the controllability of navigated MLP in dry versus edematous retina and validate that pretreatment diagnostic images can be used as base for navigated MLP after the edema has been resolved.
On the other hand, the notion of controllability plays a central role in the study of the theory of control and optimization.
Controllability is one of the qualitative properties of a control system that occupies an important place in control theory.
The other driver is to reduce the costs of developing common work processes by sharing knowledge and expenses across the consortium, for example, conducting controllability tests to provide accurate ASIL values."
With no controllability issues and back up from LTJG Ojard, LCDR Cook flew a flawless precautionary approach and landed safely.
ABSTRACT: This work is an approach to check the controllability and Observability of the model for automatic artificial pancreas to design the feedback control.
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