control over

control over (someone or something)

Power or influence over someone or something. Unfortunately, you're asking the wrong person for help because I have no control over the budget. Do you have any control over this group of screaming children?
See also: control, over

*control over someone or something

the power to direct or manage someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I have no control over Mary. I can't stop her from running away. Who gave you control over what goes on in this house?
See also: control, over
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The battle to wrest control over the match will commence from the first ball and Twenty20 cricket will be at its best today.
as well as having direct ownership in TAT 12/13, we now have complete control over the speed at which we can provision services as well as the quality, variety, and flexibility of those services, from desk-top to desk-top," commented Bob Woog, Vice-President Global Operations, IXnet.
Winning FT status would have earned George Eliot more control overs its own finances and freedom to tailor its services to meet local needs.
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