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Regarding integrated controls packages, many PC based control systems available today offer materials management, recipe handling, mixer and downstream procedure handling, scaling of batches to suit mixers of differing sizes, lot traceability, auditable reporting systems and improved batch-to-batch consistency.
Standard features: Two-tiebar clamp, variable-volume pump, Unilog control with graphical interface, integrated control cabinet for space savings.
This control bank includes participants of longitudinal risk factor surveys, like BRFSS, who are subsequently recruited as controls for outbreak investigations.
Desroches says that even though Time Warner had audited its systems of internal control over financial reporting in both 2001 and 2002--under the previous standard--in year one of 404 compliance, it spent significantly more time than it did under the prior standard, including areas that were considered low-risk and where problems were not expected.
The benefits of the system for process control include:
Management's assessment of the effectiveness of the company's internal control over financial reporting, based on management's year-end evaluation, including the disclosure of any material weakness.
The scholarship about teacher control and text appropriation has become part of our canon.
One example is the control environment itself, which includes the tone at the top, the corporate code of conduct, policies and procedures, the assignment of authority and responsibility, management's risk assessment processes, fraud-prevention efforts and other company-wide programs that apply to all locations and business units.
Once the university has identified the business processes to be addressed, the control structure must be considered across all the departments and functions that impact those business processes.
The problem of aircraft control in thrust and pitch is further complicated by the power curve response in the region of reverse command where the pitch control largely directs airspeed and the thrust directs pitch--again an unintuitive response.
Measurement of control health is an ongoing process by which management benchmarks their progress and identifies laggards.
22) In this light, BB&T would control 34 percent of market deposits and the HHI would increase 394 points to 1782, which is within the threshold levels in the DOJ Guidelines.
Heckhausen and Schulz's (1995) Life-Span Theory of Control addresses this omission by providing a target-preference hierarchy that is centered on the construct of control and defines the distinction between primary and secondary control.
In the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 (IRSRRA '98), Congress again amended the definition of control.
In order to implement and use any process control, the inputs and outputs must be measurable, since it is impossible to control what cannot be measured and it is difficult to meet requirements that cannot be defined.