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contribute to (something)

1. To give or add something to something. Are you planning to contribute to the toy drive again this year? I think you should keep Eric because he really contributes a lot to our team.
2. To be a factor or catalyst for a particular occurrence or event. I'm sorry, I think sleep deprivation contributed to my outburst just then. What factors contributed to the start of the First World War?
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contribute something (to someone) (for someone or something)

to donate something to someone for the benefit of someone or something. I hope you will contribute at least a dollar to Mary for Tom's birthday present. Will you contribute a dollar for Tom to Mary when she comes around? Can you contribute a dollar for the gift?

contribute to something

1. to donate something to some cause. Please contribute to the fund for the needy.
2. to add to or exacerbate something. The dry weather contributed to the failure of the crops.
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1.708-1(d)(2)(i)(A), in defining the assets-over form when at least one resulting partnership is a continuing partnership, provides that the divided partnership contributes certain assets and liabilities to the recipient partnerships.
A and B are then deemed to contribute the assets in a nontaxable Sec.
In the second example, the seller sells an undivided interest in the business assets (including pre-1993 intangibles) to the buyer for cash; immediately thereafter, the seller and buyer contribute their respective undivided interests to the partnership.
X may contribute cash to Z, which is then distributed by Z to Y in a transaction treated as a disguised sale of a portion of Y's business to Z in exchange for cash (Sec.
They contribute: Industry stakeholder pensions provider B&CE encourages scheme members to pay in at least pounds 10 a week.
The purpose of this workshop was to review the current scientific evidence with respect to factors that may contribute to the induction (Gilmour et al.
(23) The connection may be due to more fat cells, which release inflammatory chemicals that can contribute to asthma (and allergies).
Several factors contribute to an editorial board's productivity from a combination of individual and collaborative work done by each discipline community as shown in Figures 2 to 4 and Tables 4 and 5.
The notion that our healthcare settings contribute to the amplification of infectious disease contradicts our expectations.
Our contributing authors provide us with information and application on vital topics that contribute to our professional practice.
Issues examined include: the extent to which subject knowledge contributes to teacher effectiveness; the extent to which knowledge of pedagogical theory, learning theory, or child development contribute significantly to teacher effectiveness; the extent to which high-quality, field-based experience prior to certification significantly contributes to teacher effectiveness; whether the accreditation of teacher preparation programs contributes significantly to the likelihood that graduates will be effective and remain in the classroom; and whether there are alternate route programs that graduate high percentages of effective teachers.
The altitude also contributes to dehydration since the humidity is so low.
If the G72 gene indeed contributes to this disorder, its discovery may aid in developing improved drug treatments, he says.
Excessive intake of regular pop either contributes excessive energy to the diet leading to obesity or decreases intake of foods with a higher nutrient density leading to deficient nutrient intake.