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contribute to (something)

1. To give or add something to something. Are you planning to contribute to the toy drive again this year? I think you should keep Eric because he really contributes a lot to our team.
2. To be a factor or catalyst for a particular occurrence or event. I'm sorry, I think sleep deprivation contributed to my outburst just then. What factors contributed to the start of the First World War?
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contribute something (to someone) (for someone or something)

to donate something to someone for the benefit of someone or something. I hope you will contribute at least a dollar to Mary for Tom's birthday present. Will you contribute a dollar for Tom to Mary when she comes around? Can you contribute a dollar for the gift?

contribute to something

1. to donate something to some cause. Please contribute to the fund for the needy.
2. to add to or exacerbate something. The dry weather contributed to the failure of the crops.
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The staff made this contributed voluntarily for great national cause.
A total of 26 lenders contributed to CMBS transactions during the half, up slightly from 25 in HI 2017.
The office property portfolio contributed 14 percent of group-wide earnings or about 14 percent amounting to P734.2 million.
1223(2) provides that the partnership's holding period for contributed assets includes the holding period of the assets in the hands of the contributing partner.
From research that he directed on two genes that make proteins acting on brain cells, Lahn argues that those genes have contributed to human-brain evolution.
Other amenities that have contributed to the success story of Harmon Meadow include the recent addition of the EZ-Ride Shuttle Service that ushers consumers and the work force alike to and from the Secaucus Transfer Station to marked destinations throughout the mixed-use community.
Chapter 1, contributed by Lee, Fustukian and Buse, provides a broad overview of global health policy.
But instead of policing and designing access policies, the challenge for the MERLOT Editorial Boards is to identify high quality and assess value of contributed MERLOT resources, a task that requires collective expertise.
Unsafe injection and blood donation practices have contributed to the global spread of bloodborne viral diseases.
Velasquez Institute, found that in the 2000 and 2002 election cycles, nearly 90% of the more than $2 billion contributed to federal political campaigns came from individuals living in zip codes that had a majority of white residents, and almost half of those dollars came from a person living in a wealthy zip code.
The handy statement sure beats going through those shoe boxes, drawers, folders, and cancelled checks searching for how much you contributed.
Of this total, General Synod has contributed $2.4 million.
"The marginalization of religious, which have contributed and continue to contribute to the culture of humanism of which Europe is legitimately proud, strikes me as both an injustice and an error of perspective.
But all of them have contributed valuably and--this is important--adventurously to the classic repertoire.