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contribute to (something)

1. To give or add something to something. Are you planning to contribute to the toy drive again this year? I think you should keep Eric because he really contributes a lot to our team.
2. To be a factor or catalyst for a particular occurrence or event. I'm sorry, I think sleep deprivation contributed to my outburst just then. What factors contributed to the start of the First World War?
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contribute something (to someone) (for someone or something)

to donate something to someone for the benefit of someone or something. I hope you will contribute at least a dollar to Mary for Tom's birthday present. Will you contribute a dollar for Tom to Mary when she comes around? Can you contribute a dollar for the gift?

contribute to something

1. to donate something to some cause. Please contribute to the fund for the needy.
2. to add to or exacerbate something. The dry weather contributed to the failure of the crops.
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EPF members can contribute voluntarily to their accounts either through the 1Malaysia Retirement Scheme, self-contribution or the top-up savings contribution.
"As customers embrace the new features and efficiencies offered by Creative Cloud, we will no longer be selling and supporting Adobe Director and Contribute, which was last released in 2012.  Sale of Adobe Director and Contribute will stop on February 1, 2017," Adobe wrote in its ( blog post.
The Finance Ministry said in the proposed amendment aimed to ensure "equal treatment" among different employees, namely to ensure that those who earn more are asked to contribute more.
(The rules on who can contribute and how much to deductible and Roth IRAs can be found in IRS Publication 590 at
They contribute: 6% or 10% of salary, depending on the benefits option chosen.
and b) What research is needed to improve our understanding of the factors that contribute to the induction of asthma and to improve our ability to manage this problem in the future?
NCSU will contribute a 44% cost share to this research project.
There's some evidence that free radical damage, or oxidation, may contribute to the inflammatory process that marks allergies and asthma.
IBM plans to contribute Gluecode-developed software features to Apache Geronimo as well.
and Panel B shows responses to the question, What top three factors contribute to your continued participation on a MERLOT Editorial Board?
Contribute may be used to simply create beautiful Web sites, based on built-in templates, but it's real power is in allowing others to customize existing sites.
While lack of sterile supplies is important, unnecessary injections and poor understanding of infection control principles and practices also contribute to the spread of bloodborne viruses.
When the Alameda County Social Services Agency deployed Contribute 3 as the front-end editor to their content management system, they immediately gained tremendous value for the agency's infrastructure and legacy enterprise system.
"Contribute 3 is the front-end to Interwoven TeamSite, our behemoth backend enterprise system that does not have a friendly front-end editor," said Damian.