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contrast (someone or something) with (someone or something)

1. To highlight the differences between two people or things. A noun or pronoun can be used between "contrast" and "with." Now contrast Joe's unenthusiastic reaction with Sally's unbridled glee over the news.
2. To be obviously or clearly different from someone or something else. I think the paint color of the trim contrasts with the walls nicely.
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contrast (someone or something) with (someone or something else)

 and contrast (someone or something) to (someone or something else)
to examine people or things in a way that will show their differences. Contrast Sally with Sam, for instance, to see real differences. Contrast the busy geometry of a Gothic cathedral to the simple lines of an old Saxon castle.
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contrast with someone or something

1. to be different from someone or something. Bill's cheery attitude really contrasts with the gloom of his twin brother, Bob. This stiped tie really contrasts with that polka-dot shirt.
2. [for a color or pattern, etc.] to show a marked difference with or complement another. The black one contrasts nicely with the white one.
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At The Ant Farm sounds somewhat like its title implies, but contrastingly, there are also some restful moments.
Contrastingly, This Immense Intimacy will have a single female ballet dancer held by an elastic rope, performing an aerial solo using the wall as a dance floor.
Contrastingly, when the mind desires money it seeks to satiate its worldly pleasures and personal desires."
Contrastingly, the smallest gap was found in the delivery of social media loyalty elements.
Contrastingly, the index that tracks Shariah-principled stocks was in the positive trajectory.
Montek's success is being seen as contrastingly distinctive, especially for a rural student from village, belonging to an under-privileged family.
Jelly Bean, contrastingly, only appears to be present on 2.7 percent of Android devices.
Contrastingly, NBKAAEs report also said that although residential sales had firmed up in June, both the investment and commercial property segments
Outside its lush foliage appears from May onwards, followed by candle-like blooms in mid summer, often with prominent and contrastingly coloured stamens.
"Live Aid was contrastingly very different and important and there was a great euphoric feeling on the day but nothing can make you forget this.
Working somewhere between fine art and graphic design, Carole is known for her series of quirky monochrome pencil drawings, entitled Towers, and for her contrastingly colourful posters of local scenes.
The boy's experiences both before and after joining the army are wonderfully and contrastingly pictured, with the battlescenes hinting at the terrible violence of war and its consequent loss of life rather than violently showing it.
India's bowlers were contrastingly effective from the start, with Zaheer Khan (3-26) ripping through the top order.
Douglas was short and broad, with a deep voice, Lincoln contrastingly tall and lean with a high voice.
Freche goes on to describe the emergence of the contrastingly highly politicized Hainaut grouping, which, thanks to Mesens, was kept at arm's length from the non-partisan bruxellois.