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A more recent study by Kingston, Young, Sindhusake, & Truong, (2012) comparing extravasation rates following cannulation by radiology staff and ward staff, found radiology staff can provide safe administration of IV contrast with low extravasation rates.
We used human serum albumin as a foam stabilizer and thus we could make foam contrast with a long-lasting foam state.
34) This parallel development of middle- and working-class amenities well illustrates Blackpool's contrast with Coney's dilemma.
Edwards (1979) conducted a study on mult schedule positive contrast with college students.
And the static, heavily earthbound stretches of almost monolithic buff brick capped by beige concrete forms yet another complementary contrast with the more dynamic arrangement of the windows, especially the broad cills and gutters that slice out at the sky.
A product of superior Canon optical engineering, Realis SX50 is a revolutionary new multimedia projector with super-high (SXGA+) resolution utilizing Canon's patented proprietary AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) technology, which delivers high brightness and high contrast with outstanding image quality in a compact size.