contrary to

contrary to (something)

In opposition to something. There's no way we can get all these documents scanned in a week, contrary to what the boss thinks. Contrary to popular opinion, higher taxes end up benefiting people more than lower ones.
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contrary to something

in spite of something that seems to suggest otherwise; regardless of something else. Contrary to what you might think, I am neat and tidy. Contrary to public opinion, my uncle is well and healthy.
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References in classic literature ?
Smolensk was abandoned contrary to the wishes of the Emperor and of the whole people.
How can you, child, affect to deny that you have considered of contracting an alliance, when you so well know I am acquainted with the party with whom you desire to contract it?--an alliance as unnatural, and contrary to your interest, as a separate league with the French would be to the interest of the Dutch!
If I promise my father never to consent to any marriage contrary to his inclinations, I think I may hope he will never force me into that state contrary to my own."
Not only doth he lie, who speaketh contrary to his knowledge, but more so, he who speaketh contrary to his ignorance.
To secure the favor and interest of this enterprising and powerful monarch, he precipitated England into a war with France, contrary to the plainest dictates of policy, and at the hazard of the safety and independence, as well of the kingdom over which he presided by his counsels, as of Europe in general.
The cries of the nation and the importunities of their representatives have, upon various occasions, dragged their monarchs into war, or continued them in it, contrary to their inclinations, and sometimes contrary to the real interests of the State.
"Further, the National Treasury entered into a facility contract in Euros while the commercial contracts were in USD therefore occasioning further loss to the Kenyan Government through exchange rates," Mr Haji said.The suspects, majority of whom are from the Kerio Valley Development Authority, are expected to be arraigned Monday charged with the eight offences:Conspiracy to defraud contrary to section 317 of the Penal Code, Cap 63 Laws of KenyaWilful failure to comply with applicable procedures and guidelines relating to procurement contrary to section 45 (2) (b) as read with section 48 of the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act No.
The MP is standing trial with six others on the counts of conspiracy to contravene procurement request for quotation contrary to section 23(1) of the Criminal Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29 and sections 43(1) and 92(1) of the public Procurement Act, 2003 (As Amended), Act 663.
Three citizens were arrested for committing acts contrary to public morals and disrespecting the Omani flag.
According to a statement released by the Acting Head, Media and Publicity, EFCC, Tony Orilade, the offence, according to the charge sheet, was contrary to section 22 (4)(b) and punishable under Section 22(4) of the Cyber Crimes (Prohibition, Prevention e.t.c) Act, 2015.
Summary: New Delhi, Feb 18 (ANI) Kuwait has strongly condemned the Pulwama terror attack, saying it was "contrary to all values, charters and divine laws" and emphasised on the need for international efforts to eradicate terrorism.
Iran's minister of roads and urban development argues that sanctions against the Iranian airline industry are contrary to international regulations.
Najaf / NINA / - The Secretary-General of Aseeb Ahl al-Haq Qais al-Khazali considered the nomination of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for a second term, as contrary to the will of the Religious Authority, the people and the majority of the members of the House of Representatives.
Harris was charged with four counts of making or possessing an explosive substance with intent to endanger life or cause serious injury to property, contrary to Section 4 of the Explosives Act 1883, and four counts of possession of a document containing information useful to terrorism, contrary to Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000 .