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Brown's sulks, moods, constant contrariness and perpetual glowering was a destructive force that alienated most of his senior colleagues - Cook, Prescott, Milburn, Byers, and, very publicly, Charles Clarke, among them.
But between Holly's instinctual contrariness and Patrick's blatant violation of the unwritten rules of organized vice, the deck's stacked against them.
But they also found issues of distrust, a lack of openness and a brand of civic contrariness that complicate the process.
My contrariness springs from the research I and others conducted during the late '80s and '90s, most of which has appeared in journals, including CW, and my book Top Dog [McGraw-Hill, 1995].
Although this is, perhaps, Hirst's gift to Australian historiography: his ability to freely criticise work across the entire spectrum of historical and political opinion, to maintain a decisive contrariness against the most doctrinaire and dogmatic elements within contemporary Australian society.
The indomitable James Woods, notorious for a tenacity that some believe borders on downright contrariness, is no friend of the complications of the Hollywood system; and yet, having appeared in over ninety films including Videodrome (1983), Nixon (1995), Contact (1997), Any Given Sunday (1999), and Northfork (2003), he has been extremely successful at turning "bucking the system" into a career.
As I write this, advocates for equality are feverishly probing Roberts's past in search of any glint of the bigotry and contrariness that shine off justices Scalia and Thomas.
The antidote to this high-minded poison is the old school English liberalism that Pritchett celebrates in London Perceived (1962), his tribute to his beloved native city: "London talk has a horror of conclusions," London architecture is "the expression of an ebullient individualism," and London contrariness boasts "a love of our rebellions and heresies.
It is not just the historical conclusions that rankle--that belief in ideas died with the end of the Cold War or that the end of the Cold War led to the ascendancy of identity that has distracted us from attention to economic inequality (his real beef here)--but also the willful contrariness of the book's narrative of literary history and the readings of individual literary works that support that narrative.
Goldblatt displays no arbitrary contrariness, but he does depart from baseball's conventional myths in two respects.
His third set, while lacking the quirky contrariness of its predecessor, still has much to enjoy and boasts cameos by the likes of Aimee Mann and Barenaked Ladies.
I would take polite issue with this choice, since by opting for a director who in the West embodies a spirit of contrariness in Soviet cinema, we may be reinstating the very binarism of dogma that this book wishes to sidestep.
All societies are made up of different and often conflicting manners and sorts of people--people divided by loyalties to organisations or movements they belong to or people who don't feel they belong to anything; people divided by the work they do (of the work they don't do), the regions they live in, their ways of life, their age, sex, sexuality and education; people who live in all kinds of families, or not in families at all; people of many faiths, both secular and religious; people of many ethnic backgrounds, people with many different conventional wisdoms and with many different ways of making sense of their lives and of filling in their time, in their contrariness going on in all kinds of different ways.
However, based on the written record, Alte's contrariness, the Countrymans' extensive kinship network in the immediate vicinity, and Levi's role as both a creditor and debtor in land transactions coincided to create conditions that kept the family together in Nininger Township.