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contract out

To give a job or assignment to an outside entity (so as to avoid doing the job oneself). A noun or pronoun can be used between "contract" and "out" or after "out." We contracted the project out because no one on our staff has the time to scan all of those documents.
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contract with (someone or something)

To agree with someone or a group to do something. No one on our staff has the time to scan all of those documents, so we'll contract with a company that can do it for us.
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contract something out

to make an agreement with someone to do a specific amount of work. (Rather than doing it oneself or in one's own place of business.) I will contract this out and have it done by consultants. I contracted out this kind of job the last time.
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contract with someone (for something)

 and contract (with someone) for something
to make an agreement with someone to produce or supply something, or to do something. I will have to contract with an expert for that part of the project. We contracted with a local builder for a new kitchen. Did you contract for plumbing work with Eric?
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put a contract out on someone

[for an underworld character] to order someone to kill someone else. The mob put out a contract on some crook from Detroit.
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contract out

To engage another person or company by contract to undertake some job that is typically considered part of one's business: Many companies contract out administrative tasks in order to concentrate on sales and marketing.
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2) for the cases with and without contractible assets, respectively.
Similarly, if there exists a contractible Hamiltonian cycle, then m(n + 1) must be even, because there is an equal number of left and right steps, and an equal number of up and down steps.
When effort is observable and contractible, the principal will be willing to pay risk managers to exert a high effort if the incremental profit generated by the effort exceeds the additional pay the principal must offer to induce high effort.
G of two contractible subgraphs which are the neighborhoods of the 'opposite' poles N and S, and whose intersection is G.
5) We abstract from the possibility that the parties undertake contractible sales effort, since the model otherwise becomes more complex without adding any new insight.
She responded in the affirmative when asked if the number of kittens put down was substantial, adding that most common reasons for euthanising them were injuries, poisoning, starvation and feline Aids, known as Feline Infectious Virus, which, like human Aids, is not contractible by touch.
Segerfeldt reminds the reader that water delivery, like any public service, is contractible.
Within this framework, only verifiable terms are contractible, for legal obligations subject to third-party enforcement must rest on verifiable conditions.
Their theorem makes only one assumption about the targets: that the region from which a given target is visible is always a contractible shape, meaning that it could shrink to a single point without tearing or otherwise changing the shape's topology.
Specific topics include phase-parameter relation and sharp statistical properties for general families of unimodal maps, Hamiltonian operators in a noncommutative world, the deformation of space as a complete affine structure on the 2-torus smooth, parabolic foliations, the H-principle and pseudoconcave CF manifolds, wild knots as limit sets of Kleinian groups, an extension of the Burau representation to a mapping class group associated to Thompson's group T, Paonleve's Theorems I and II, and the growth rate of contractible closed geodesics on reducible manifolds.
Peter Steuger's lensing, with its flat swatches of color, retains a touch of storybook fable while creating a flexible sense of expandable and contractible space through which figures move freely.
Because those future cash flows are unlikely to be verifiable and contractible, they, and valuation based on them, are likely to be manipulated.
Objective, verifiable accounting information facilitates shareholder monitoring and the effective exercise of shareholder rights under existing securities laws; enables directors to enhance shareholder value by advising, ratifying, and policing managerial decisions and activities; and supplies a rich array of contractible variables for determining the financial rewards from incentive plans designed to align executives' and investors' financial interests.
There is a barrier facility that is both expandable and contractible, although no one expects it to shrink in the near future," says Mark Corey, principal with Flad & Associates, Madison, Wis.
When the payoffs are not contractible, issues of incongruity between signals and payoffs arise.