contract with

contract with (someone or something)

To agree with someone or a group to do something. No one on our staff has the time to scan all of those documents, so we'll contract with a company that can do it for us.
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contract with someone (for something)

 and contract (with someone) for something
to make an agreement with someone to produce or supply something, or to do something. I will have to contract with an expert for that part of the project. We contracted with a local builder for a new kitchen. Did you contract for plumbing work with Eric?
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Close the contract with dispatch, I said, and let him go.
If enacted, the legislation would create a new class of contracts, known as "monopoly contracts," which would be defined as any contract with a single contractor that exceeds $10 million.
For example, 11 of the 18 SSAs were completed (i.e., had signed charters and at least one awarded corporate contract with performance metrics) by August 2003.
Jon Monson, president of MV Transportation, says his company will submit a new proposal and hopes to land the contract with the PVTA--which would be the first major transit contract for the company in the state of Massachusetts.
Under these final COI regulations, a contract with a "proration" mechanism providing for the issuing corporation's stock and cash amounts to be prorated, if necessary, so that 40% of the total consideration is in the form of issuing corporation stock and 60% is in cash, should satisfy the COI requirement, even if the amount of issuing corporation stock issued in the transaction is based on a market value occurring after the binding contract date.
An example of how dependent the federal government is on its contractors and why the technical competence of contract monitors is important is demonstrated in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contract with the United Space Alliance (USA) Company.
Thus, the code protects acquirers by not forcing them to contract with third parties, who may be competitors or provide inferior services.
The Enduring Revolution: How the Contract with America Continues to Shape the Nation
This is strictly speaking a performance based service contract with objective, measurable, and easily verifiable metrics which track to the Award Fee Plan.
The Clean 'n Green San Jose contract with GreenTeam calls for 25 percent diversion the first year, 30 percent the second year and 35 percent by the third year, which would put multi-family dwellings on par with single-family residences and represent a significant increase from the current 12 percent rate.
Consider sharing samples of your contract with directors in other states.
To protect the purchaser, the contract should contain a clause called the "finance contingency" clause, which provides that in the event the purchaser does not obtain a written loan commitment from a lender within a certain time period, the purchaser or the seller has the right to cancel the contract with a refund of the down payment.
A hedge doesn't have to be complicated; it can be as simple as a long-term contract with a supplier or a change in product mix.
Section 4507 of this act permits Medicare patients to privately contract with physicians and practitioners for Medicare covered services, only if the physician/practitioner agrees not to seek payment for any Medicare patient for two years.
Minergy engineered the entire processing system and maintains the equipment as part of a 10-year contract with Mid-City [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].