contract with

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contract with (someone or something)

To agree with someone or a group to do something. No one on our staff has the time to scan all of those documents, so we'll contract with a company that can do it for us.
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contract with someone (for something)

 and contract (with someone) for something
to make an agreement with someone to produce or supply something, or to do something. I will have to contract with an expert for that part of the project. We contracted with a local builder for a new kitchen. Did you contract for plumbing work with Eric?
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The conceptual philosophy behind these NIPARS/PROS contractual models required a cultural readjustment by the entire acquisition community who sustained a belief that only the government, and the contracting officer, could contract for supplies and services at a fair and reasonable price.
* the terms of the contract, i.e., how long is the contract for (e.g., one month, one year, two years)
BAE Systems, Information and Electronic Warfare Systems Integration Corp., Nashua, N.H., is being awarded a $59,003,220 firm-fixed-price contract for the fabrication, assembly, test and delivery of six low rate initial production AN/ALQ-214(V) Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasure Radio Frequency Countermeasure units and 30 ALE-55 Fiber Optic Towed Decoys.
For example, Lifson suggests that a dairy that uses heat to process milk could enter a long-term contract for fuel.
Quintanilla did not enter into an enforceable contract for the sale of the house prior to seller's withdrawal from the deal, there could be no willful default by the seller sufficient to the entitle the broker to a commission.
However, as Medicare evolved, the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) and Congress put into place polices that made it impossible to privately contract for Medicare covered services.
The question the narrative then seeks to answer is whether and under what conditions the original contract is valid, given the fact that the duke subsequently entered into a new marriage contract, with the added complication that the uncle of the lady is arranging a new marriage contract for his niece.
In the contract for a cast part, where its performance will turn on compliance with specifications, both foundry and customer should agree on the order of priority of the documents.
The IRS asserted that because it was expected and likely that Fairchild would be compensated under the contract for this portion of its research expenses, the research was funded.
But it is precisely those who need money who most need the right to contract for it.
Sometimes, this might require going back to the agency that awarded the contract for details on the bidding circumstances.
* evaluating whether using a non-DoD contract for such actions is in the best interest of the DoD.
A contract for services can become a personal services contract either by the way it is written or by the way it is administered, but proper training and planning can help avoid this pitfall.
The team managed the contract for the guards, and also supported contracts to provide housing, heat and electricity, food and water, and other support to the guards.
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