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contract out

To give a job or assignment to an outside entity (so as to avoid doing the job oneself). A noun or pronoun can be used between "contract" and "out" or after "out." We contracted the project out because no one on our staff has the time to scan all of those documents.
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contract with (someone or something)

To agree with someone or a group to do something. No one on our staff has the time to scan all of those documents, so we'll contract with a company that can do it for us.
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put a contract out on (one)

slang To order for one to be assassinated. Usually said in reference to organized crime. The mob put a contract out on the accountant because he had agreed to testify in court. It turns out that he had put a contract out on the owner of the business so that he could gain control of it.
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sweetheart contract

1. An industrial agreement made between an employer and local labor union officials containing terms beneficial to the employer without the knowledge of the employees, typically in exchange for money to the union or its leaders. It was later discovered that the union leader had made a sweetheart contract with the company that eliminated employees' right to strike in exchange for a hefty yearly bonus for himself. The automotive manufacturer decided to move its factories to a different country, where it established a sweetheart contract with the local labor union to pay workers substantially less than those previously enjoyed by American employees.
2. Any kind of agreement or contract that is mutually beneficial two the two parties directly involved, typically at the expense of a third party that is not privy to the agreement. It turns out the athletic director had in place a sweetheart contract with the national athletics association, essentially receiving kickbacks every time one of his athletes performed well. The charity has come under fire for what some are calling a sweetheart contract with a for-profit events organizer that receives nearly 40% of the annual donations the charity receives.
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contract something out

to make an agreement with someone to do a specific amount of work. (Rather than doing it oneself or in one's own place of business.) I will contract this out and have it done by consultants. I contracted out this kind of job the last time.
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contract with someone (for something)

 and contract (with someone) for something
to make an agreement with someone to produce or supply something, or to do something. I will have to contract with an expert for that part of the project. We contracted with a local builder for a new kitchen. Did you contract for plumbing work with Eric?
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put a contract out on someone

[for an underworld character] to order someone to kill someone else. The mob put out a contract on some crook from Detroit.
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contract out

To engage another person or company by contract to undertake some job that is typically considered part of one's business: Many companies contract out administrative tasks in order to concentrate on sales and marketing.
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3) The property transferred in exchange for the contract is not subsequently sold or otherwise disposed of by the transferee during the two-year period beginning on the exchange date.
368-1(e)(2) (iii)(B), a contract that permits the target shareholders to elect the portion of consideration they wish to receive in the form of acquirer stock and/or cash or other property can qualify under the fixed consideration rules discussed above if it provides the:
The FTC found that this was a way for physicians to communicate to their competitors what prices the physicians would like to get in the future, not what prices physicians had received in the past, or indeed, what physicians might settle for individually in a contract.
Further evidence of poor contract management is provided by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) studies.
Although it is impossible to accurately predict all changes that may impact the outsourcing contract, the well-drafted contract will include a framework under which the parties can address changed circumstances in a fair and even-handed way, using appropriate procedures and relationship governance protocols.
For example, would a contract that provides a buyer rights for five years have an indefinite life?
Being able to recognize contract language as a risk factor--and having a plan to analyze it and respond to it--is just as important as having a plan to reduce risk at the waterfront.
In September 1990, AFSAC solicited and awarded the first non-standard support contract to Systems Control Technology (SCT) under the Non-Standard Item Parts and Repair System (NIPARS) contract.
B) Forward contracts, options, futures, options on futures, swaps, and similar contracts, whether traded on exchanges or not, based on any rate, price, financial asset (including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, or any other metal approved by the Board), nonfinancial asset, or group of assets, other than a bank-ineligible security, (1) if:
i) a choice of law provision that makes the construction contract subject to the laws of another state; or that requires any litigation or arbitration arising from a contract to be conducted in another state is void (although materialmen are exempt from this requirement); and
The first best value stevedoring contract was for Beaumont and Port Arthur.
Because of the time crunch every operator faces these days, negotiating or even carefully reviewing a contract can become a very low priority.
A foundry interested in pursuing a performance contract either has to find a supplier willing to provide the equipment or an energy service company (ESCO) willing to make the initial investment.
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