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continue by (doing something)

To persist in something or take the next step toward a particular goal or outcome. Once you're done cleaning the bathroom, you can continue by sweeping the hallway—that's the last area we need to clean before the dinner party.
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continue with (something)

To maintain the action that one has been doing. After that unexplained crash in the hallway, the professor had a hard time continuing with his lecture.
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Can we continue this later?

A request to resume a conversation with someone at a later time. I have to run to a meeting, so can we continue this later? I really want to hear the rest of your thoughts on the merger.
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continue by doing something

to keep going by starting to do something else or the next step. You are doing very well in this piano lesson. Please continue by playing the other sonata. After the interruption, Wally continued by explaining his position on the trade negotiations.
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continue with something

to keep doing whatever was being done before. Oh, please continue with your discussion. Do you mind if I continue with my knitting as we talk?
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Could we continue this later?

 and Can we continue this later?
Could we go on with this conversation at a later time? As Mary and John were discussing something private, Bob entered the room. "Could we continue this later?" whispered John. "Yes, of course," answered Mary.
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References in classic literature ?
What you ask is impossible, monsieur," continued he, addressing Faria.
And now," continued he, "you must change your clothes; your servants, to whom I gave directions the moment they had left the ferryboat, ought to be already at the inn.
It is to be hoped it had one good effect at least," continued Maria.
Without heeding Richard, he continued to sing a kind of wild, melancholy air, that rose, at times, in sudden and quite elevated notes, and then fell again into the low, quavering sounds that seemed to compose the character of his music.
Why the devil," Archer explosively continued, "should you have thought--since I suppose you're appealing to me on the ground of my relationship to Madame Olenska--that I should take a view contrary to the rest of her family?
I am very willing to leave you to go on saying Voliere; but, as for me, I shall continued to say Moliere.
Pierre looked solemnly at his audience over his spectacles and continued.
You can get in with me, if you like," Sir Edward continued, motioning toward the interior of his brougham.
It may be elastic, of course," Wingrave continued, "but I suspect its existence.
Barbicane, having by a rapid movement firmly fixed his hat upon his head, calmly continued his harangue:
I will add, to make amends," continued Barbicane, "that the inhabitants of the visible face are singularly favored by nature, to the detriment of their brethren on the invisible face.
It is - let - me - see,' he continued, slowly, as he deposited his ponderous bulk in the arm-chair that Rose officiously brought towards him; 'it is just - six-weeks - by my reckoning, since you darkened - my - door
These exclamations continued till they were interrupted by the lady, who now proceeded to execute the commission given her by her brother, and gave orders for providing all necessaries for the child, appointing a very good room in the house for his nursery.
retorted Ishmael, who, like all of his class, could labour with incredible efforts on emergencies, but who too seldom exerted continued industry, on any occasion, to brook a proposal that offered so little repose.
It was not till almost a year after this that I broke loose, though, in the meantime, I continued obstinately deaf to all proposals of settling to business, and frequently expostulated with my father and mother about their being so positively determined against what they knew my inclinations prompted me to.