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Can we continue this later?

A request to resume a conversation with someone at a later time. I have to run to a meeting, so can we continue this later? I really want to hear the rest of your thoughts on the merger.
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continue by (doing something)

To persist in something or take the next step toward a particular goal or outcome. Once you're done cleaning the bathroom, you can continue by sweeping the hallway—that's the last area we need to clean before the dinner party.
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continue with (something)

To maintain the action that one has been doing. After that unexplained crash in the hallway, the professor had a hard time continuing with his lecture.
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continued (on) page 94

A reference to the satirical magazine Private Eye, which used the phrase at the end of overlong articles and opinion pieces. (The magazine never included that many pages). Usually put in parentheses and often abbreviated in various ways. Primarily heard in UK.
1. Used to humorously and abruptly terminate a piece of writing to indicate that it could otherwise go on indefinitely. What's wrong with him? Well, he's a liar, a cheat, a dimwit, a lecher (continued page 94)! Kids these days, I tell you. With their eyes glued to their devices, no time to sit and talk to you, so self-absorbed and self-conscious, no appreciation for a hard day's work (cont. p.94).
2. Used to highlight an abrupt ending to a piece of writing, especially a news or magazine article. A: "Wait, that's it? Why is this article just three paragraphs? Where's the rest of it?" B: "Heh, continued on page 94, looks like."
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the wheels turn

Progress is being or continues to be made. Typically used in conjunction with verbs like "continue" or "keep." We need to keep the wheels turning with this project or we're not going to make the January deadline. Despite the turmoil in the studio, the wheels continued to turn, and the film eventually saw the light of day 15 years after it first started development.
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to be continued

1. Used to indicate that the story being told in a book, movie, television show, etc., will be continued in a later installment. And with that, the mysterious figure lifted their hood, revealing our hero's long-lost sister. To be continued. It blew my mind as a kid when "To be continued…" flashed up on the screen at the end of Back to the Future.
2. Used to indicate that one has not finished making a point or telling a story and intends to do so at a later point. A: "So then I say to John, 'Look, I don't know about you, but—'" B: "Sorry to interrupt you, but I need to take this phone call." B: "No worries. To be continued."
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continue by doing something

to keep going by starting to do something else or the next step. You are doing very well in this piano lesson. Please continue by playing the other sonata. After the interruption, Wally continued by explaining his position on the trade negotiations.
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continue with something

to keep doing whatever was being done before. Oh, please continue with your discussion. Do you mind if I continue with my knitting as we talk?
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Could we continue this later?

 and Can we continue this later?
Could we go on with this conversation at a later time? As Mary and John were discussing something private, Bob entered the room. "Could we continue this later?" whispered John. "Yes, of course," answered Mary.
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the wheels turn

If you say that the wheels turn in a process or situation, you mean that progress is made. The wheels continue to turn on plans to convert the building into a bookstore. Note: You can also say that someone or something keeps the wheels turning to mean that they cause progress to be made. It is the small entrepreneurs of this country that keep the wheels of commerce turning.
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