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continue by (doing something)

To persist in something or take the next step toward a particular goal or outcome. Once you're done cleaning the bathroom, you can continue by sweeping the hallway—that's the last area we need to clean before the dinner party.
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continue with (something)

To maintain the action that one has been doing. After that unexplained crash in the hallway, the professor had a hard time continuing with his lecture.
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Can we continue this later?

A request to resume a conversation with someone at a later time. I have to run to a meeting, so can we continue this later? I really want to hear the rest of your thoughts on the merger.
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continue by doing something

to keep going by starting to do something else or the next step. You are doing very well in this piano lesson. Please continue by playing the other sonata. After the interruption, Wally continued by explaining his position on the trade negotiations.
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continue with something

to keep doing whatever was being done before. Oh, please continue with your discussion. Do you mind if I continue with my knitting as we talk?
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Could we continue this later?

 and Can we continue this later?
Could we go on with this conversation at a later time? As Mary and John were discussing something private, Bob entered the room. "Could we continue this later?" whispered John. "Yes, of course," answered Mary.
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References in classic literature ?
Now, in 1907, on the occasion of the issue of this edition, I can only add how glad I am that my romance should continue to please so many readers.
Continue, continue," said the cardinal, "it's all the same to me.
This hope was speedily dispelled like his other illusions; silence had indeed, been restored in the audience, after a fashion; but Gringoire had not observed that at the moment when the cardinal gave the order to continue, the gallery was far from full, and that after the Flemish envoys there had arrived new personages forming part of the cortege, whose names and ranks, shouted out in the midst of his dialogue by the intermittent cry of the usher, produced considerable ravages in it.
The very fact, as Perry took pains to explain, of the blasting of several very exact and learned scientific hypotheses made it apparent that we could not know what lay before us within the bowels of the earth, and so we might continue to hope for the best, at least until we were dead--when hope would no longer be essential to our happiness.
Would it stop at this point again, or would it continue its merciless climb?
Pray," continues he, "what are you; and on what account did you go to sea?
Therefore, we will continue to report via DD 350s into FY06, and, accordingly, basic FY06 edits are being prepared and will be published as soon as possible.
The question of who will become the hot, new retailer in New York City (rumor has it that Spain's Mango is in the marketplace), it should be noted that a number of retailers that first came to New York over the past five years continue to expand in New York City.
A decline of a little more than 1 percent to approximately 54 million units is projected for 2004 as domestic auto production decreases and passenger cars continue to account for less of the total percentage of overall light vehicle sales.
The next to follow is bond yields, and even though central banks, led by the Fed, will attempt to delay the shifting of gears in monetary policy as long as possible, interest rates will inevitably rise as the bull market in commodity prices continues, and the global economic recovery broadens.
We will continue our commitment to sports science education for coaches, athletic trainers, nutritionists, doctors and everyone who works with athletes.
That's going to continue to drive the purchase market and keep upward pressure on prices in the Southern California, where demand will continue to outpace supply.
Economic Support Funds will also continue to support infrastructure rehabilitation, including the Kabul-Kandahar-Herat ring road.
There is no question that ADRs will continue to play a key role in helping Latin companies raise capital in significant quantities.
Cohen said he would continue to push for the 150-hour education requirement to help fill the education gap.