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not give a continental

To be disinterested or indifferent. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress issued a form of currency known as the "continental" that proved worthless due to rapid depreciation. If you think I care what he says, you're wrong—I don't give a continental! I know you don't give a continental about your room being clean, but can you at least pick the clothes up off the floor once in a while?
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not worth a continental

Completely worthless or useless; having little or no value. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress issued a form of currency known as the "continental" that proved worthless due to rapid depreciation. I was so excited when my grandfather said he'd give me his car, but this old clunker isn't worth a continental. Over the years working here, I've come to realize that the boss's word isn't worth a continental.
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More significantly, they availed it to the optimum for exploring and experiencing new imaginative, artistic and critical approaches which impressed literary perspectives and scenarios not only nationally or continentally, but rather attracted global attention and appreciation.
Figure 31.1a shows the average anomaly across Australia, which, when continentally averaged, equates to +2.52[degrees]C.
Both regions display thick early Cambrian (Cambrian Series 1-2) continentally derived sandstone turbidites, overlain by early to middle (Series 2-3) Cambrian alternating mud-rich and sand-rich units in which manganese is concentrated.
Philosophers of art and aesthetics, whether analytically or continentally trained, should find the volume useful for the diversity of its perspectives.
The building bricks that constitute Africa are neither regionally, nor continentally integrated, as pundits of Africa as the new investment frontier, would want us to believe.
As continentally trained physicians, those who wrote about Scotland's three sources of mineral waters were acquainted with both ancient and contemporary literature on the subject and were keen to showcase their favoured source of mineral water as being comparable with the best in Europe.
I suspect his study will appeal to both the analytically and continentally trained.
"Call it Vinaigrette" contains twenty-eight classic recipes for continentally minded eaters, including Balsamic Vinaigrette, a whimsical Watermelon Vinaigrette, and the richer Warm Maple Bacon Vinaigrette.
Just as the analytic-cognitivist paradigm is previously presented as a critical response to the crisis of the "Grand theory," in Chapters 5 and 6, continentally oriented film-philosophy is similarly construed as a redemptive alternative to the predominant yet flawed naturalistic film theorizing.
Lithuania's strategy was to develop higher added-value market niches that will precisely call upon the Lithuanian capabilities to create an entrepreneurial economy that is integrated continentally and globally.
(7) Antebellum geography textbooks, including Stowe's, conventionally feature sections on the "Races of Men," which are represented as the human effects of a continentally ordered world.
French wines made in Mediterranean-influenced zones tend to be blends, whereas wines from cooler, continentally influenced regions tend to be single varietal.
Continentally laid-back he may be, but when he embarked on his voyage of discovery to racing's headquarters, it was in the knowledge that the struggle would be greater than that which would face him at home, where uncles, brothers and cousins were all part of the racing scenery.
This planting will reforest a site that has been designed a continentally important Bird area by the American Bird Conservancy.