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not give a continental

To be disinterested or indifferent. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress issued a form of currency known as the "continental" that proved worthless due to rapid depreciation. If you think I care what he says, you're wrong—I don't give a continental! I know you don't give a continental about your room being clean, but can you at least pick the clothes up off the floor once in a while?
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not worth a continental

Completely worthless or useless; having little or no value. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress issued a form of currency known as the "continental" that proved worthless due to rapid depreciation. I was so excited when my grandfather said he'd give me his car, but this old clunker isn't worth a continental. Over the years working here, I've come to realize that the boss's word isn't worth a continental.
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Negative correlations were discovered between longitude and the mean temperature of the coldest month (MTCM), the sum of negative temperatures (SNT), the duration of the vegetation period (VP), and the mean annual sunshine duration (MASD), while the correlations are positive with the mean temperature of the warmest month (MTWM), Conrad's continentality index (CCI), and Rasins's continentality index (RCI).
The chart (Figure 17) shows that the determination coefficient is close to 51%, which lets deducting, that there is an important positive correlation between fires frequency and continentality gradient in Maamora forest; the areas more distant from the sea are the most affected by forest fires.
This is the continental effect, or continentality. This accounts, in part, for the moderate climate of Western Europe.
In the Sahara, temperatures vary greatly with latitude, altitude, and the degree of continentality. Surprisingly, the average annual temperatures in the Sahara are not the highest in Africa, as the average annual temperatures in the Sahel and the shores of the Red Sea may locally exceed 86[degrees]F (30[degrees]C), higher than those of the Sahara.
Continentality indices: methodological revision and proposition.
In addition, the two dominant species gradients at the state scale were associated with continentality and growing season moisture stress, climatic gradients that integrate elements of both temperature and moisture.
Continentality and oceanity are important parameters which describe local climatic conditions.
At the same time the domination of fractions of the evrivalent fractions of plants is noted--on the scales of continentality of climate, cryoclimatic, richness of soil's nitrogen, and illumination-shading.
This is due to the decrease of the influence of marine, generally colder waters, and the effect of continentality. This situation was made also in the Loukkos River estuary [8].
As the explanatory variables the mean Ellenberg values (light, temperature, continentality, moisture, reaction, nitrogen) (Ellenberg et al., 1992) were calculated for each plot and then the mean values for the releve groups were used.
I have argued elsewhere, however, that the designation captures not only a contingent relation to Europe, but also a certain commitment with European continentality as a project as well as Eurocentric conceptions of space and time.
Scarce slopes, altitudes [mayor que o iqual a] 600 m, DPT high and marked continentality. AP [approximately equal to] 800 mm and SP [approximately equal to] 100 mm with great thermal amplitude.