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not give a continental

To be disinterested or indifferent. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress issued a form of currency known as the "continental" that proved worthless due to rapid depreciation. If you think I care what he says, you're wrong—I don't give a continental! I know you don't give a continental about your room being clean, but can you at least pick the clothes up off the floor once in a while?
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not worth a continental

Completely worthless or useless; having little or no value. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress issued a form of currency known as the "continental" that proved worthless due to rapid depreciation. I was so excited when my grandfather said he'd give me his car, but this old clunker isn't worth a continental. Over the years working here, I've come to realize that the boss's word isn't worth a continental.
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serves as a metonymic reminder that fewer political and cultural pressures exist within North America for continentalist perspectives--major trade agreements like the Auto Pact and nafta and other functional co-operative measures across various domains duly noted.
The Report on Manufactures was an extension and expansion on the themes of the fifth Continentalist.
'North American' Trade Concept: Continentalist, Hemispherist, Or Globalist?" Toward a North American Community?
The exceptional circumstances of the growth during this period of an increasingly continentalist consciousness, culminating in the early widespread support for the Cuban Revolution as an example and model of Spanish-American autonomy, meant that the split did not evolve into the 'struggle' predicted by Bhabha.
Taking into account the size of the confidence intervals for each group mean, the results for Canadian Nationalism fit a bipolar pattern: owners and the private sector branch of the NMC were on the continentalist side; and the public sector branch of the NMC and both sectors of the working class were on the nationalist side.
Still, Hamilton's impassioned vision of a "continentalist" American society can inspire us indirectly as we seek to integrate the American nation in the aftermath of both segregation and multiculturalism.
This is is a wide-ranging and ambitious book.(*) Harrison aims to give a theory of narrative fiction, taking into account both work on the theory of meaning in the analytic tradition, and continentalist - in particular Derridean - approaches to literature.
The resistance to Soviet technology and naval ideas came from continentalist cadres who favored strong land forces and whose faith in Mao's people's war doctrine was almost mystical.
Whereas previously leading Canadian firms and executives in many sectors were amenable to nationally oriented strategies (including some limits on trade and foreign investment), after the FTA they began to identify almost unanimously with a continentalist (and furthermore, a globalist) vision.
Books on the topic are usually from the nationalist left or the continentalist right.
"Northrop Frye and the Continentalist Tradition." Dalhousie Review 56 (1976): 221-39.
Safarian clearly sang from a far more continentalist, realist, and quiet diplomacy hymnal than did the nationalists who comprised much of the rest of the choir in his 1968 table of contents.
She reviewed the results of nine federal commissions and task forces and concluded that recommendations favouring economic and cultural nationalism in Canada tended not to be implemented, despite broad support of public opinion, because Canadian elites held more continentalist views.
210) and India's economy, despite Britain's longstanding presence there, remained squarely continentalist at the end of British rule.