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not give a continental

To be disinterested or indifferent. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress issued a form of currency known as the "continental" that proved worthless due to rapid depreciation. If you think I care what he says, you're wrong—I don't give a continental! I know you don't give a continental about your room being clean, but can you at least pick the clothes up off the floor once in a while?
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not worth a continental

Completely worthless or useless; having little or no value. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress issued a form of currency known as the "continental" that proved worthless due to rapid depreciation. I was so excited when my grandfather said he'd give me his car, but this old clunker isn't worth a continental. Over the years working here, I've come to realize that the boss's word isn't worth a continental.
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So in the early 1990s, Continental began adding daily flights to the bigger cities, including Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.
Sylvester's team found that the ancient Australian basalts had a Nb-U ratio near 47, indicating that the mantle had already lost much of its uranium to continental rocks by 2.
Most of them still own, or stand to gain through stock options, big blocks of stock in Continental, whose B shares closed Wednesday at 30-3/4, up 2-3/8; Delta closed at 75-1/2, up -1/2.
It would be the tax equivalent of entrapment for the IRS, having in effect invited Continental to restate its net loan income in a form that would permit the bank to claim foreign tax credits, now to insist on taxing the bank on a phantom income figure--the.
An artist's rendering shows how the former Brendan Byrne Arena will look under Continental Airlines' 12-year agreement with New Jersey.
Molnar and Philip England of Oxford University think crustal thickening and mountain building play the most important role in the collision, with continental escape assuming minor credit.
Continental Airlines Cargo is the cargo division of Continental Airlines.
Continental Airlines in February will begin to introduce 37-seat Bombardier DHC-8-Q200s on Continental Connection flights operated by CommutAir from Cleveland.
Jordan, now at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the continental root idea was put on a slow comeback trail about 10 years ago.
Additionally, OnePass members receive 500 bonus miles for every online booking and Continental Airlines Vacations never charges a booking fee for online purchases.
Continental Airlines signed a five-year, $258 million contract with the US Postal Service to carry priority, first class and express mail within the US and Puerto Rico.
GTT"), (OTCBB:GTLT), a global Multi-Network Operator (MNO), today announced that Continental AG ("Continental"), (GR:CON), one of the world's leading manufacturers of automotive parts, has awarded a contract to GTT to extend its managed mobility platform to its North American Telematics facilities with Continental's global managed mobility platform provided by GTT earlier this year.
Continental Airlines traffic during the quarter grew 15.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has today placed Banco Continental de Panama's (Banco Continental) Issuer Default Rating (IDR) on Rating Watch Positive following the announcement of a merger with Banco General.
Continental says customers want in-flight Internet access.
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