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in the context of (something)

In or amid the surrounding words or event that gives something its complete, original, or genuine meaning. All injuries are more costly in the context of the playoffs. Oh no, in the context of the original interview, her comments made perfect sense.
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out of context

Lacking or removed from the surrounding words or event that gives something its complete, original, or genuine meaning. Hyphenated if used as a modifier before a noun. She said the quote had been taken out of context to make it look like she hated her own country, which she claims couldn't be further from the truth. It's hard to know what's going on in the picture when it's out of context like this. Of course you can spin any out-of-context quotation to suit your own agenda.
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take (something) out of context

To misrepresent the meaning of an utterance, an action, or a report thereof by omitting or altering the original context in which it was spoken or done. You have to be very careful what you say when you're a politician, because the media are all too happy to take anything you say out of context. The way you're describing what she did sounds terrible, but you're taking things completely out of context.
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in the context of something

in the circumstances under which something happens or has happened. In the context of a funeral, laughing loudly is inappropriate. In the context of an argument, it is fine to speak firmly.
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*out of context

[of an utterance or the report of an action] removed from the surrounding context of the event, thereby misrepresenting the intent of the utterance or report. (*Typically: be ~; lift something ~; quote someone or something ~; take something ~.) You took her remarks out of context! You're the dishonest person, not her!
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Caption: Figure 1: Fuzzy inference system context adaptation using transformation functions.
Caption: Figure 4: Linear context adaptation of CLP feature from Institutional to industrial context.
Caption: Figure 5: Nonlinear context adaptation function: [[phi].sub.2].
It should be noticed that only the elements with the gray color belong to the proposed context meta-model.
- Context element: it represents a part of the knowledge related to the context.
- Context Property: it is considered as an attribute that characterizes a context element.
From (3), we knows that [b.sup.t.sub.c,c] is the probability of releasing the real context and [b.sup.t.sub.c,c'] is the probability of releasing a fake context c' where c' [not equal to] c.
For a user, the context that the user dwells at any time is hidden from the adversaries.
From the above discussion, it is not difficult to find that dispersion of context source and heterogeneity in techniques are common problems facing architecture design of context-aware applications.
With the applicable context data, the system can then provide users with the functions that are customised to the contextual situations.
Because the context classification is a kind of multiclassification, the typical methods of Bayes, decision tree, and SVM are chosen as the evaluation function of feature subset.
In this paper, we use a context information dataset, "Sensor Signal Dataset for Exploring Context Recognition of Mobile Devices" proposed in [35].