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be busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest

slang To be very busy or preoccupied. Take this to someone else—I'm busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest right now. With the law set to take effect soon, local businesses have been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest trying to get in line with new regulations.
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dick measuring contest

vulgar slang A petty competition among individuals (usually men) who are trying to prove that they are better at something than the others. You're all good golfers, OK? Now can we please stop this ridiculous dick measuring contest? I hate how these political debates always seem to turn into a dick measuring contest, with each candidate trying to outdo the others.
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no contest

1. A plea in a criminal court case, in which the defendant accepts a conviction without offering a defense, but also without admitting guilt. The college student plead no contest to charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault.
2. An outcome in a combat sport, especially boxing, in which there is neither a winner nor a loser due to reasons outside of the combatants' control. The referee declared no contest when the power went out in the stadium. The referee accidentally hit one of the fighters in the eye with his elbow, so he had to declare a no contest.
3. A situation in which one side is overwhelmingly more likely to succeed over the other. A: "Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman?" B: "Superman, no contest." Everyone assumed it was no contest that Robertson would win, given his size, experience, and ability. Yet against all odds, Ramirez defeated him in the final seconds of the match.
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not going to win any beauty contests

Not especially beautiful or attractive. Sometimes used as a facetious or sarcastic way of calling someone or something ugly. I know I'm not going to win any beauty contests, but I don't think I'm so ugly that no one would want to be with me. A: "What do you think of their new house?" B: "Well, it isn't going to win any beauty contests, that's for sure."
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pissing contest

rude slang A useless or trivial argument, competition, or comparison. Whenever Jeff and Tim hang out, they always get into this pissing contest about who's the bigger sci-fi fanatic. If you two are quite finished with your little pissing contest, do you think we might get back to work now?
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no contest

1. Lit. [in games] a situation where one team fails to appear for a competition. It was declared no contest because the opposing team was stuck in traffic out on the expressway.
2. Fig. a situation where the winner-to-be of a contest is obvious even before holding the contest. It was no contest. The wrestler was so big and strong that no one could have defeated him.
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not going to win any beauty contests

Fig. homely; ugly. Fred isn't going to win any beauty contests, but he's smart and considerate and he does well at his job. This old truck of mine is not going to win any beauty contests, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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no contest

1 a decision by the referee to declare a boxing match invalid on the grounds that one or both of the boxers are not making serious efforts. 2 a competition, comparison, or choice of which the outcome is a foregone conclusion.
This expression is mainly found in the USA, and is perhaps influenced by the plea of nolo contendere (I do not wish to contend) in US law, meaning that the defendant in a criminal prosecution accepts conviction but does not admit guilt.
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"A-t-on le droit, en France, de contester la politique israelienne, de condamner son mepris du droit international, de denoncer les injustices subies par le peuple palestinien ?
Les supporters relizanais ont en effet encercle le stade Zougari-Tahar tres tot dans la matinee de samedi et interdit l'acces a tout le monde pour contester la decision de la Ligue de football professionnel (LFP) qui a refuse de qualifier les nouvelles recrues engagees par leur equipe cet ete.
De cette maniere, les justiciables marocains, en plus d'une panoplie de droits nouvellement constitutionnalises, ont dorenavant acces a plusieurs voies de recours leur permettant, d'une part de contester la decision judiciaire les affectant, et d'autre part, de mettre en jeu la responsabilite des pouvoirs publics devant une justice independante, rappelant a tous que la justice est avant tout un service public au service des citoyens.
La direction du RCR a mis a execution ses menaces de forfait pour [beaucoup moins que] contester [beaucoup plus grand que] la decision de la Ligue de football professionnel (LFP) de ne pas qualifier les 16 nouvelles recrues engagees cet ete.
The withdrawal candidate along with his supporters, on the occasion ensured to provide their full support to the contester of the party for the by-elections of Pk-8 and expressed the hope that the party would win the elections.
His contester, PPP's Rana Mohammad Qasin had filed a petition in election tribunal in Bahawalpur against Bukhari accusing him of violation election rules.
Des eleveurs et des collecteurs de lait cru ont observe hier un rassemblement devant le siege de la laiterie de Draa Ben Khedda pour contester la suspension de l'achat de leur produit par cette unite, a-t-on appris sur place.
The particulars of the contester should be written on back side of the design including name of participant, age, gender, full residential address, name of institution, phone number and email.
Summary: L'opposition russe se preparait hier vendredi a des manifestations d'une ampleur inedite auxquelles sont attendues des dizaines de milliers de personnes samedi a Moscou et en province pour contester la victoire du parti de Vladimir Poutine aux legislatives du 4 decembre.
De meme il faudra tenir compte des chances de l'excellent trotteur de l'ecurie Aek.Merimi, Pommeau de Bully, qui lui aussi reste sur de tres belles performances, dans des conditions similaires a celle du jour et qui mettra a profit sa forme affichee pour lui contester la plus haute marche du podium.
Fabio Quagliarella et Alessandro Del Piero ont donne, en un peu plus d'une heure, un avantage aux Turinois que les Milanais n'ont jamais ete en mesure de contester, meme si Ibrahimovic a donne l'espoir a huit minutes de la fin du temps reglementaire.