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a bone of contention

An unresolved problem, dispute, or disagreement. Jerry leaving his dirty dishes in the sink for days became a bone of contention between him and his roommate.
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in contention

Among those eligible to win something; in competition. Don't count them out just because they've been on a losing streak—they're still in contention for that final playoff spot.
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bone of contention

Fig. the subject or point of an argument; an unsettled point of disagreement. We've fought for so long that we've forgotten what the bone of contention is. The question of a fence between the houses has become quite a bone of contention.
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bone of contention

Main issue of a disagreement; something to quarrel about. For example, Grandfather's will was a bone of contention for the whole family. This expression alludes to two dogs fighting (contending) over a single bone. In slightly different guise, bone of dissension, it was used figuratively in the 16th century and took its present form in the early 1700s.
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a bone of contention

COMMON A bone of contention is an issue that people are arguing about. Both players were lectured severely by the referee, but the real bone of contention was the injury to Montgomery. Pay, of course, is not the only bone of contention. Note: The image here is of two dogs fighting over a bone.
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a bone of contention

a subject or issue over which there is continuing disagreement.
The idea is of a bone thrown into the midst of a number of dogs and causing a fight between them.
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a bone of conˈtention

a matter about which there is a lot of disagreement: The interpretation of this painting has long been a bone of contention among art historians.
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in/out of conˈtention (for something)

with/without a chance of winning something: Only three teams are now in contention for the title.With that defeat, Marshall dropped out of contention.
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bone of contention

The subject of a dispute.
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For the fourth and fifth rounds of the contentions, the CDASA-CSMA/CA has reduced the steps for accessing channels and the BMSs transmit data directly to step 7 by performing a CCA activity.
For the second and third rounds of contentions, the average PDR of the CDASA-CSMA/CA scheme is achieved by 13% and 26%, respectively, as compared to a CSMA/CA in which CSMA/CA-based BMSs repeat values of contention in the next round of contention.
With these values, the rounds of contention of each BMS increases when accessing channel in CAP period.
Evidence must be submitted to support any contentions regarding liability.
It is suggested to use burst flow control for contention reduction also [8].
One of the contention resolution strategies applied in core router is the wavelength conversion.
Fiber delay lines (FDL) is another solution for contention resolution in OBS when bursts are delayed in core routers because of the lack of random access memory.
D' un point de vue clinique, le developpement de la medication a eu l'effet a priori d'ameliorer les standards de soins par la reduction de l'utilisation des contentions physiques (Currier et al.
et le Curateur public du Quebec sont conformes a une perspective strictement juridique de la question, n'operant pas de difference entre l'isolement, les contentions physiques ou mecaniques et la contention chimique.
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Anyway, he makes the wild contention that capitulation to the Holy See's requirements would reduce the universities to slavery.
In addition the results support the contention by Grambrill, et al.
The results however, support our contention that rehabilitation clients can be identified for assertion training or acceptance of disability facilitation based on need.
The Court also agreed with Trump's contention that, because final plans for the connector have not yet been submitted:
General Electric's contentions that the multi angle oblique invention is 'relatively minor' and was invented 'long before' by General Electric were all raised at trial and rejected by the jury," the FONAR spokesman continued.