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a contented mind is a perpetual feast

proverb If happy and satisfied, one will not strive to acquire more. Once I reframed my priorities, I realized that I had everything I could ever want. I guess it's true that a contented mind is a perpetual feast.
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contented mind is a perpetual feast

Prov. If you are mentally at peace, you will always feel that you have enough of everything, and will not have to strive to get more. Jill: Lillian doesn't make very much money, but she seems to be happy all the time. I wonder how she manages that? Jane: A contented mind is a perpetual feast.
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This is not always in the literal sense of returning to a place of origin, but can be understood more symbolically in the idea of finding acceptance, legitimacy, or contentedness, which marginalised people are routinely denied.
"I am delighted to inaugurate the conference of the 41st General Assembly of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA), and I renew keenness of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on this federation and supporting its objectives based on the Kingdom's contentedness of the importance of the joint Arab action at the media level," Dr.
I have pondered the issue of happiness, contentedness, being "centered" as my wife Diane says, a number of times since retiring.
In fact, recent studies show that families who face challenges, and narrate these ups and downs to the next generation, can in fact help encourage a sense of self-worth and contentedness amongst the youngest member of that family.
Chambers' volume even produces sketches by James Riddel showing cats in attitudes of repose, happiness, contentedness, and conviviality.
It was reported positive effects on three mood dimensions: alertness, contentedness and calmness in a dose-dependent manner, modulating mood and cognition evaluated by Cognitive Drug Research test.
For him, "Modern development encourages competition and success whereas Buddhism encourages collaboration and contentedness" (Sivaraksa, Vision 182).
All of these contents help to increase the individual personal growth, specifically for those individuals who have strong desire of up gradation, more intrinsic job satisfaction, more contentedness and motivation towards their duties, and fewer escapees and lower percentage of leaving an organization (Oldham, 1996).
Jessica Powers notes the "sour contentedness" that exists for the student within the constraints of the assignment, and the delicate balance between providing a structure that can be meaningfully trespassed by participants.
* Alertness and contentedness improved significantly within the pycnogenol group and levels of anxiety decreased by 17%.
Of course, well-being and contentedness mean different things to different people and are measured in a variety of ways.
Whereas for Wilber, expanded consciousness evokes contentedness, seamlessness and unity, for the aforementioned existential-spiritual thinkers it connotes a wild and wondrous trek.
These 13 Chinese cultural Values included adaptability, being conservative, contentedness, courtesy, harmony with others, patience, protecting face, prudence, reciprocity, respect for tradition, thrift, tolerance of others and trustworthiness.
Children who spend more than 10 hours a day using media scored significantly lower on a contentedness index than other children.
unquestioning contentedness of the people, a people undefined but for