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contend against (someone or something)

To compete against someone or something. Andy hasn't trained enough to contend against other swimmers his age. If you push him to enter this race, he'll just end up disappointed.
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contend with (someone or something)

1. To compete against someone. Andy hasn't trained enough to contend with other swimmers his age. If you push him to enter this race, he'll just end up disappointed.
2. To struggle against or work to solve a problem or issue. I'm not ready to contend with that problem just yet—I need coffee first. How can we contend with these huge financial losses and still stay in business?
See also: contend

contend against someone or something

to fight or compete against someone or something. Do we have to contend against all this criticism? Ed refuses to have to contend against Eric.
See also: contend

contend with a problem

to put up with a difficulty; to struggle with the problems caused by someone or something. I cannot contend with your temper anymore. I wish we did not have to contend with this changeable weather.
See also: contend, problem

contend with someone (for something)

 and contend (with someone) for something
to fight someone for something; to compete with someone to win something. I don't want to have to contend with Sally for the award. I don't want to have to contend for the job with Ed.
See also: contend
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The suit contends that James and his employer, Planned Parenthood, committed battery against Heenan which resulted in both physical and emotional injury to him.
Damien contends that the pants he wears are not cargo pants, but a Calvin Klein brand similar to cargo pants.
As these melted and drifted toward lower latitudes, they dropped the sand to the ocean bottom, she contends.
1990, the UISP paper contends that if there is a general capital improvements plan, all costs (not only those directly attributable to asset acquisition and installation) are subject to capitalization.
Bessel rejects the concept of a Front generation because of what he contends are religious, occupational and geographical cleavages.
Murray contends, "Everyone has the `g-factor,' but Jews have more of it.
He contends that discarding racial and class combinations will be throwing off centuries of "identical moral claims about fate and the state of the races," which are repeated endlessly.
The law suit contends that, despite representations by and contractual agreements with Safeguard that supposedly ensured his participation in all Safeguard Sales Programs within his territory, Keating was excluded from the Safeguard's Bank Sales Program which had been negotiated with Wells Fargo Bank, Union Bank and others.
The complaint contends that the interviewer told Nead that another applicant - who eventually was hired for the position - did not oppose dispensing the morning-after pill.
The minority report contends that the Castaic Lake Water Agency, the Valencia Water Co.
The profits that he and coworkers have made with black boxes, Farmer contends, are "highly statistically significant.
To support his position, Neubauer contends that "literary images become active in the social construction of reality," because literature responds to previous writing as much as it does to social experience.
The lawsuit contends all six pharmacists are opposed to dispensing the morning-after pill and/or "Plan B" medication because of their religious, moral, and ethical beliefs.
However, HemaCare contends in its lawsuit that Red Cross pricing strategies differ sharply in different parts of the country.
At the same time, these wrenching discoveries led the two women to assume that they could not previously have remembered such disturbing material in a purely factual way, Schooler contends.