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contend against (someone or something)

To compete against someone or something. Andy hasn't trained enough to contend against other swimmers his age. If you push him to enter this race, he'll just end up disappointed.
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contend with (someone or something)

1. To compete against someone. Andy hasn't trained enough to contend with other swimmers his age. If you push him to enter this race, he'll just end up disappointed.
2. To struggle against or work to solve a problem or issue. I'm not ready to contend with that problem just yet—I need coffee first. How can we contend with these huge financial losses and still stay in business?
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contend against someone or something

to fight or compete against someone or something. Do we have to contend against all this criticism? Ed refuses to have to contend against Eric.
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contend with a problem

to put up with a difficulty; to struggle with the problems caused by someone or something. I cannot contend with your temper anymore. I wish we did not have to contend with this changeable weather.
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contend with someone (for something)

 and contend (with someone) for something
to fight someone for something; to compete with someone to win something. I don't want to have to contend with Sally for the award. I don't want to have to contend for the job with Ed.
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Seeking response of the contenders, BJP has moved a two-page circular which includes a list of 11 questions which are to be answered by them.
Mr Waheed said his party had withdrawn its contender, Chaudhry Abdul Aziz, and that it would campaign with the PML- N.
2 selection Kiefer Ravena did not make the list of top rookie contenders because they lack the required minimum number of games.
Gareth Anscombe has moved from World Cup contender to certainty over the last six months
"If I can leave Shanghai with my hands raised in victory, then yes, I believe it puts me another step closer to a world championship opportunity." Currently, the promotion's 77.1-kilogram division is one of the deepest, with a roster of contenders hungry to get their hands on two-division titleholder Martin Nguyen.
FURIOUS Mauricio Pochettino accused his players of lacking the character to be genuine title contenders.
The design of Warren Center's Contender was based on a massive but easily removed hinge pin forward on the action, held in place by the forend and mated to an opening in the locking lug below the barrel, with the lug dropping into a recess in the bottom of the receiver.
In the other most notable match-ups, promoting stable fighter Michael Thoms finished Bradford's Afshin Sadeghian - a three-time British kung fu champion - with a second round body shot for the Contender amateur cruiserweight title.
In 1967, the original Thompson/ Center Contender handgun came to market, and the timing was fortuitous.
I CAN'T IMAGINE A TIME WHEN I DID NOT have a Contender in my possession.
WARREN GATLAND is the top contender to lead the British and Irish Lions in 2017 - Lions chief executive John Feehan has confirmed.
WARREN Gatland has been described as the "leading contender" to coach the British and Irish Lions in New Zealand next year.
by Pajhwok Report on 9 April, 2014 - 15:19 KABUL (Pajhwok): With the final result not expected for weeks, the campaign office of presidential contender Dr.
Lawwell has confirmed Edinburgh's Murrayfield is a realistic contender but revealed venues in Ireland and the north of England such as Newcastle's St James's Park are also on the agenda.