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The burden of proof actually remained with the party that had brought the case before the court, he contended and added that he had been acquitted in cases pertaining to the same subject matter.
Target Stores denied liability and contended the condition was open and obvious, and that the woman failed to use due care for her own safety.
In their review petition, the factory contended that they had been accused by Raja Waseem that their factory was secretly drawing groundwater for use.
He contended that the top court had absolute authority in exercising its practice regarding review jurisdiction until or unless the Parliament legislate on this matter.
As evidence for the moral disintegration of the family, Drescher cited the "band of half neglected children loose in the streets smoking and begging and idling away their time."(47) He contended "even mothers from good houses turn away from educating their young and leave their children with often uneducated, young, immoral servants."(48)
The review petition contended that Murtaza remained a director of the EHL from 2007 till 2009.
The lawyer contended that as the PCO No.1 had been declared without lawful authority and of no legal effect, the amendments in it made under order No9 of 1999 should also have lapsed after the statutory limitation period of 120 days prescribed under Article 89.
The Service contended that the placement activities were unrelated to AAFP's exempt purposes.
In further trials with 4-year-olds, most of these youngsters contended that people can voluntarily empty their minds of all thoughts and ideas for a few minutes and that the mind of a waiting person "was not doing anything."
ISLAMABAD -- Former chief minister Punjab and President Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Shehbaz Sharif Monday contended before the Supreme Court that there was no violation of law in the government's advertisements bearing pictures of politicians or leaders.
Responses emerging from the room might prove indistinguishable from those of a native Chinese speaker, Searle contended, even though the person toiling in the Chinese Room understands neither the questions nor the answers.
The petitioner had contended that the former prime minister had misstated facts in his nomination papers.
Hilgard, offers a useful framework for understanding the relation of conscious to unconscious mental activity, Kihlstrom contended at the recent annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.C.
The counsel for Awan had contended that Rasheed produced two declarations regarding his income tax, adding he admitted agricultural tax in the first declaration while another declaration contradicted the first one.
Secondary lords or rulers also increased in number at Caracol as the Classic era progressed, contended Arlen F.