contend with (someone or something)

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contend with (someone or something)

1. To compete against someone. Andy hasn't trained enough to contend with other swimmers his age. If you push him to enter this race, he'll just end up disappointed.
2. To struggle against or work to solve a problem or issue. I'm not ready to contend with that problem just yet—I need coffee first. How can we contend with these huge financial losses and still stay in business?
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contend with someone (for something)

 and contend (with someone) for something
to fight someone for something; to compete with someone to win something. I don't want to have to contend with Sally for the award. I don't want to have to contend for the job with Ed.
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contend with a problem

to put up with a difficulty; to struggle with the problems caused by someone or something. I cannot contend with your temper anymore. I wish we did not have to contend with this changeable weather.
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"For these people to put in so much effort - they covered so many miles and the hills they have had to contend with it's absolutely amazing.
With all the dust, noise, pollution etc to contend with it's just not acceptable."
The Jags haven't won at Firhill in the SPFL and with injury and suspension problems to contend with it's hard to see that record being broken this afternoon.
With all that to contend with it's perhaps no surprise that Duval chose to hide his emotions behind wraparound Oakley sunglasses.
Their defence is not the quickest and with guys like Michael Owen and Hernan Crespo to contend with it's difficult to see them keeping any clean sheets.
He said: "When I take into account all the bull*** I had to contend with it's a wonder we didn't finish fifth in the league, never mind second.